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The Guide to Strengthen the Cardboard Display Boxes for Shipping

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The cardboard boxes have been around for centuries and have been getting used for carrying around the items and products. These cardboard boxes can carry the products multiple times of their own weight but there are some ultimate limits. For instance, if you want to carry heavyweights on the box, it’s obvious that these boxes need to be stronger. Similarly, the counter display boxes are designed to hold the products which means they need to be strengthened as well.

However, the strength and strong features have to be reinforced. Well, contrary to usual beliefs, it is extremely easy to strengthen the cardboard boxes and make sure they are capable of storing and carrying heavyweights. For this purpose, you have to use the right material and techniques. In the article below, we are sharing some practical yet convenient ways of strengthening the cardboard boxes for shipping and for displaying the products. Are you ready?

Support the Gaps

When it comes down to the cardboard boxes, it’s needless to say that the majority of parts are simply connected together through glue which means supporting them will enhance the carrying and strength capacity. For this purpose, you must look for free spaces and gaps in the cardboard box and use glue to hold them together.

In addition, if cardboard boxes have no glued areas and material, the users can support them by attaching the bottom slaps to the box. This is because this step will enhance the base’s strength and will ensure that flaps don’t open whenever heavyweight products are added to the box.

Padding the Corner Lengths

The second method of increasing the cardboard box’s strength is padding the corner lengths of the box. As for the padding, you can use cardboard inserts. This is a great way of strengthening the box and reducing the chances of collapsing. The users can develop the corner pieces for cardboard boxes by thespeedypack from spare cardboard parts.

In addition, you can also use the cardboard left from the tissue rolls or paper towel rolls. Keep in mind that these cardboard inserts can improve the box’s corners and will offer support to the top layer (this is a great feature if you plan on sticking items on top of the box).

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Add Layer on The Bottom

When we are talking about the cardboard boxes and ways to strengthen them, it’s essential to note down that the bottom is responsible for carrying around the product’s weight (gravity is to be thanked). That being said, it’s essential to support the bottom part while you are trying to strengthen the cardboard box. For this purpose, you can add a base layer.

In case you don’t know how to add the base layer, add the cardboard layer on the bottom’s flap (use the layer that’s made from one cardboard piece). However, you must measure the bottom’s perimeter and cut out this piece from the bigger cardboard sheet. All in all, adding the base layer will even out the load on the bottom, reducing its chances to open up.

Tape the Edges & Joints

For people who are trying to increase the strength of the cardboard boxes while looking for effective and simple ways, you need to tape the edges and joints of the box. This is because taping these parts will support different parts of the box which improves the natural strength of the design and materials. While you are at it, don’t forget to use high-strength tape because it matters a great deal.

When it comes down to tape, you can opt for duct tape or packaging tape because they are most effective as compared to general masking tapes. To increase the support and strength, you should also tape the edges and exterior joints and tape all around the box’s sides to add multiple support.

Use Double Box Technique

For the most part, adding a double box might appear as cheating but it can improve the strength of the box and it will have more carrying power. However, for this to work, you need to find a cardboard box with similar shapes and sizes to ensure it doubled up properly. Once you find the right box, put one box into another and the strength standards will be doubled up.

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Can You Improve the Sustainability?

Packaging is pervasive in our lives because there are just so many industries and products relying on cardboard boxes for packaging. That being said, the packaging consumption will increase but the resource still remains limited. Similarly, the ecosystems have become sensitive towards these changes and we are certain that you’ve heard about piling landfills already.

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For this reason, the packaging manufacturers are struggling and they are under pressure to innovate the packaging and come out with sustainability factors. In addition, they have to work on reducing the packaging waste, and using the sustainable solution will help companies’ future-proof them. In the section below, we are sharing how companies can create sustainable yet strong cardboard boxes!

  • Firstly, you need to start using recyclable material because it’s the greatest way of reducing the environmental footprint. For instance, you can use glass, cardboard, paper, plastic, and aluminum because they can be reused and recycled which reduces the environmental impact
  • Secondly, the companies need to start using innovative materials because they are biodegradable and recyclable. With biodegradation, the materials will recycle under specific conditions. For this purpose, you can use bioplastic to make envelopes and carrier bags because they can easily decompose when the material is exposed to sunlight. Moreover, you can use corn starch to make packing peanuts for added protection for the products
  • Thirdly, you need to reduce the packaging volume because it will reduce the chances of packaging waste and it will even reduce the packaging costs. For this purpose, you can simply use tight product packaging because it’s efficient and has become an amazing way of reducing the packaging volume
  • Lastly, while you are designing the packaging, always design them for reusing because that can increase the repurposing of the packaging material.
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