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Tom Cruise Wanted To Be The 1st Hollywood Star To Tax A Dinner No Space

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Tom Cruise has provou for several times that he is not afraid of oiling a good challenge to what we are going to do now and he is capable of being or greater in his career as an ator. According to an international press, Tom wanted to be the first Hollywood star to tax a dinner for a film no space.

The 58-year-old artist came to explore this possibility for the latest ‘Missão Impossível’ films, feeling that he had no choice but to make this wish concrete.

“Or Tom was made aware of having made his own dinners to film us and starred in some two more elaborate cinema moments. Or his segredo will take things to a different level, like no one before – of course, here a great unknown is really It is possible to film no space “, noted a source ao Jornal The Sun.

The same source refers that Cruise was certain that he could promote this idea and that he tied up with NASA.

Will it be possible to achieve this ‘loucura’?

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