Meet Gitanjali Rao, The ‘girl Of The Year’ Who Fights Against Cyberbullying

Gitanjali Rao has been awarded the December cover of Time magazine after being chosen as the youngest person to hold the position of ‘boy of the year’. The young scientist and inventor of only 15 years old has illusions in favor of the planet and those who inhabit it. Rao is credited with developing a technology that detects whether water is contaminated with lead and, at the same time, another that combats cyberbullying.

Originally from Denver, Colorado, Gitanjali Rao reminds us of other young women her age like Greta Thunberg, who took home the same award last year when she was 16 and now continues her struggle to avoid the stress it produces climate change. Meanwhile, Gitanjali’s interest in science began when he was 10 years old after hearing on the news that the water that supplied several Michigan cities was contaminated.


‘I have been following the water crisis in Michigan all this time’, reaffirms Gitanjali Rao, after patenting a nanotube system that detects water pollution faster and at less cost, and for which she was awarded in 2017 with the Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge. Since then, she is also known as Tethys (after the Greek goddess of fresh water) and “America’s best young scientist” who received a $ 25,000 prize for this wearable device.

Therefore, it is not surprising that Gitanjali Rao is in Time magazine, and that Hollywood celebrities such as Millie Bobbie Brown follow her along with 17 thousand others on Instagram. In fact, in 2018, Forbes magazine included her on its ‘30 under 30 ’list that searches for the most influential young people of the year. It happens that Rao has accompanied more than 30 thousand science students in the process of improving the planet together. Because yes, it is the biggest challenge we face today.

“I am excited when I receive emails like:” I went to your workshops four months ago and I have already finished my product, it is a shoe that connects you directly with Emergencies, “said Gitanjali Rao in conversation with the publication. Not in vain, her professional goal is to enter MIT in Massachusetts in a couple of years, after completing the Highlands Ranch technological college in Colorado, United States.

How Does The App Created By Gitanjali Rao That Detects Cases Of Cyberbullying Work?

The app is called ‘Kindly’, and it has been created using Artificial Intelligence (yes, it is only 15 years old, we reiterate). ‘I started coding some words that can be considered harassment. Later, the program began to identify similar terms; the option is not to punish teenagers. I know that sometimes we attack each other. This app simply gives you the option to rethink the type of message you are sending to your colleagues’, clarifies Rao while giving TED talks on science, feminism, racism and other current issues that shock the world with their clarity and interest every time more adult.

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