Top 10 Best Programming & Coding Apps To Learn Python In 2022

SoloLearn, Mimo, Programming Hub, and more are the best coding apps to learn Python in 2022. Python-based programming languages, in particular, are becoming increasingly popular. Python is the best programming language and software developer certifications in the digital industry for a variety of reasons. Python, for instance, can produce exceptional results while also providing a variety of additional benefits.


SoloLearn provides an impressive range of coding language courses that will meet the majority of coding needs. SoloLearn launched three new Python courses in 2021 (Python for Beginners, Intermediate Python, and Python for Data Structures).


Mimo is a great coding app for learning Python, SQL, and web development. The well-designed app explains key concepts using simple coursework and examples. There is a built-in glossary, and you can practise and run your code within the app. If you want a certificate after finishing the course, Mimo provides one.


Although DataCamp is useful for learning the fundamentals of R and Python, some DataCamp courses are not free. DataCamp is an excellent learning platform for data science and analytics. It has beginner-friendly content, an intuitive code editor, and Career and Skill Tracks to help you start your data science journey.


Grasshopper is one of the best programming apps in 2022. Learn the fundamentals of Python, such as variables, data types, conditionals, and loops, as well as how to import additional libraries to extend Grasshopper. Unlike the majority of the apps on this list, it is free to use and will award you with certificates.

Programming Hub

Programming Hub is one of the best content-rich coding apps, with courses ranging from programming languages to app development and software engineering. Programming Hub is a good option for students who need a good explanation.


Enki is an excellent choice for beginning programmers and can be used as a supplement by intermediate programmers. Enki teaches JavaScript, Python, SQL, Java, Git, and other topics through well-structured lessons, practises, and quizzes. Enki is ideal for both learning new languages and expanding your current knowledge of familiar ones.

Learn Python

Learn Python is one of the best Python coding apps for data science enthusiasts. This app is only available for Android and covers basic tutorials and short lessons on Python, data types, control structures, functional programming, and other topics.

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QPython is available for Android users. Python engine that assists students in learning more about this language. It supports Python 2.7 and includes a Python interpreter, runtime environment, editor, QPYI, and SL4A library.


This app includes features such as auto-complete, auto-correction, indenting, changing font size, changing background, and sharing codes with friends via a variety of popular sharing platforms. It is the best full-stack developer course available in 2022. 

Python Programming App

Without a doubt, it is one of the best coding apps for learning Python and getting your questions answered logically. More than 100 new questions for job interviews have been added in the latest update, based on experienced suggestions from Python developers. You must take this free course to learn Python and prepare for Python job interviews.

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