Top 10 Free Sports Live Stream Websites in Malaysia 2024

Sports enthusiasts in Malaysia are increasingly using free live sports streaming services in the digital era to watch their favourite players and teams compete. Choosing the appropriate Sports Live Stream Websites platform might be difficult given the abundance of alternatives available. As the best option for free live sports streaming in Malaysia in 2024, One of our top sports live stream websites like SMV Live offers simple access to a variety of athletic activities. However, there are still choices. The top 10 free live sports streaming services in Malaysia will be discussed in this article, with SMV claiming the esteemed #1 slot.

Top 10 Free Sports Live Stream Websites List

  1. SMV Live – Top Free Sports Live Stream Website
  2. CricHD
  3. Stream2Watch
  5. LiveTV
  6. Redstream
  7. MamaHD
  8. VIPLeague
  9. Streamhunter
  10. RojaDirecta

SMV Live – Your Ultimate Sports Streaming Destination

SMV Live has solidified its place as Malaysia’s top source for unrestricted live sports streaming. This website offers a diverse selection of athletic activities, including live horse racing, live football, live basketball, live badminton, and others. Many sports fans favor it because of its user-friendly structure, little commercials, and consistent streaming quality.  SMV Live has earned the trust of its users through reliable streams and up-to-date schedules. This platform understands the passion Malaysians have for sports and provides a top-notch experience for fans.

CricHD – A Cricket Lover’s Paradise

CricHD is a cricket-centric live sports streaming service but also offers other sports like football, tennis, and more. Cricket fans in Malaysia can access live matches, scorecards, and match highlights. The website provides an ad-free experience and streams major cricket events from around the world. Cricket enthusiasts can rely on CricHD for their daily dose of wickets and boundaries.

Stream2Watch – Diverse Sports Coverage

Stream2Watch is a versatile sports streaming platform that covers a wide array of sports, from football and basketball to UFC and WWE. Users may watch live events for free because of its simple user interface. Despite having some pop-up advertisements, it is still a well-liked option for live sports viewing.  Whether you’re into mainstream sports or niche events, Stream2Watch has got you covered. – International Sports Extravaganza focuses on live-streaming various sports, including soccer, ice hockey, and table tennis. The website provides excellent feeds and is well known for its extensive coverage of international sports. For those who might have missed a game, there is now on-demand content available. is your passport to a global sports spectacle, right from the comfort of your home.

LiveTV – Reliable Sports Streaming

LiveTV is a reliable option for free sports streaming in Malaysia. There is a representation of football, basketball, and hockey, among others. The site also has some ads but its interface is simple for you to navigate with the matches for today listed down Many sports enthusiasts in Malaysia turn to LiveTV when seeking trustworthy streaming of major sporting events.

Redstream – Where Variety Meets Simplicity

More and more people are using Redstream, which provide many live sporting events. This incorporates popular games like basketballs, footballs just as specialists sports like darts and Snookers. Redstream takes pride in its straightforward layout and easy access to live events. Whether you’re interested in mainstream or offbeat sports, Redstream has a little something for everyone.

MamaHD – Ad-Free Sports Streaming

MamaHD is a free live sports streaming website that caters to a global audience. It offers live coverage of well-liked sports including tennis, basketball, and soccer. The site’s simple design and lack of extraneous distractions make it simpler for visitors to watch their favorite games. MamaHD delivers an ad-free experience, allowing you to focus solely on the sports action.

VIPLeague – HD Quality Streams

VIPLeague is a versatile sports streaming platform that offers a range of sports events, from football to rugby and golf. It stands out for its HD-quality streams and user-friendly interface. While it may have some ads, it remains a preferred choice for many sports fans. With VIPLeague, you can enjoy the crisp details of your favorite sporting events in high definition.

Streamhunter – Simplicity and Reliability

Football, basketball, and hockey are just a few of the sports that are covered by the straightforward yet effective live sports streaming website Streamhunter. Users may view live events and take advantage of the user-friendly interface’s ease. It may contain some ads, but its reliability makes it a notable choice. If you appreciate a straightforward platform that gets the job done, streamhunter is a solid option.

RojaDirecta – The Community Hub for Live Sports Enthusiasts

RojaDirecta is a popular choice for free live sports streaming and offers a wide selection of sports events. It has a user-friendly interface and a community forum for sports enthusiasts to discuss matches. While it may contain ads, RojaDirecta remains a go-to platform for sports lovers. If you want to engage with fellow sports aficionados and discuss your favorite games, RojaDirecta offers a unique social dimension to your sports streaming experience.


In 2024, SMV Live was ranked first among free live sports streaming services in Malaysia with an array of sports, a simple interface, and fewer advertisements. Nevertheless, this list boasts of several other great options that do not need a subscription or charge for pay-per-view. These platforms will cover all your needs in terms of live sports streaming, whether you are a diehard football fanatic, a cricketing connoisseur, or even the average sports enthusiast in Malaysia. Cheer on your side team while enjoying and never spending a penny to watch the game at home. Together, they provide a broad variety of games, and now you need to take a look at this universe of online sports broadcasting and find out which option is best for you.

In conclusion, the world of free live sports streaming in Malaysia has never been more accessible. These platforms provide a wide range of possibilities for seeing your preferred teams and sportsmen in action, regardless of whether you are enthusiastic about football, cricket, or any other sport. With SMV leading the way and the other options on this list, sports fans in Malaysia are spoilt for choice. Take in the action, enjoy the games, and cheer on your favorite players and teams. Happy streaming!

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