Top 10 Mobile Game Features to Earn Multi-Million Dollar in 2022

Nowadays, the mobile gaming industry is booming with games such as PUBG mobile, breaking all sorts of records and leading to a new expectation on how much you can earn from a gaming app.

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If you’re a true game developer or run a mobile game app development company, you might be wondering why some games drive growth while others don’t. So this concludes your quest. There are many mobile game features such as user interface, graphics, storyline, sound effects, challenging levels, and many more that make a game engaging and addictive. If you are curious to know these features in detail, then we’ve got you covered.  Here we have handpicked the top features of the mobile game, and let’s discuss these features that highly contribute to a iOS and android gaming app’s success.

List of Key Mobile Game Features to Look For

  1. Graphics

Graphics is the bridge between the gameplay and the player. After all, players gaze at graphics, and people tend to gravitate more toward graphically eye-catching and impressive mobile games. Providing high-quality graphics for different game genres can increase the interest of the users and maintain their excitement towards the game.

  1. Game Character

Different characters have different roles, and together they create a story. The character really depends upon the game as what the story requires. Keep in mind that the character must go with your story because it creates an immense pleasure for the players. Create the characters that define the personality of users as they think for themselves and also recognize them. Characters should be something that matches the gameplay and is not hard to imagine in real life.

  1. Challenging Levels

A game isn’t a game if there isn’t any challenge. While playing a game, players generally want a challenge that they can complete. Different challenging levels can be either complex or easy. If the game levels are too hard to play, then no one will play due to frustration, but having a game level too easy can also bore the players. So mobile game developers must think while deciding on challenging levels to fine-tune the game. 

  1. Based on a Good Storyline

Being a good concept artist, designing a great story line should be in the first place. There is always a beginning and an end to every story. A story can help players understand how the game will play out and what they must do in order to win. It’s one of the most important aspects of smartphone games as a good storyline engages the player in a game and creates curiosity for the players.

  1. Should have Leaderboard

Leaderboards display a gaming session’s score, encouraging players to love to compete with other players, so they are a great way to compare or stimulate the competition. With this, players stay motivated and curious to figure out how they can make top rank in challenges.

  1. Great Controls

The controls of the mobile game should be made as simple as possible. It won’t matter if your game is amazing, without great controls your players can’t properly interact with it. Trusted game developers should design the controls that fit the game and enhance the experience. Make sure that the players don’t find themselves frustrated while trying to perform a certain action.

  1. Fast Loading Time

The users generally love to use the apps that load within seconds. The gaming app must load in its time frame to make interest or engagement of the user. If your game takes much time to load, then the game will be avoided or uninstalled by the users.

  1. Tutorial for Beginners

The first-time user can either enhance or detract from the game. Tutorials are important for the mobile game to explain controls and features and provide basic instructions for beginners on how to play the game. A simple guide must feature at the start of the game.

  1. Sound Effect

Sound is incredibly important in mobile games. Great sound effects make the virtual characters feel more alive and realistic. The soundtrack plays a big role in evoking the emotion of the players. Just like Gears of Wars had a good sound, everything from chainsawing through an enemy to performing a perfect active reload sounds. 

  1. Reward

Rewards create aims or objectives for the players, so it’s important to offer rewards timely to users for meeting their game goals. Players love to spend more time or keep coming back to claim their rewards in the game. A new level or item should be rewarded for their good performance as the mobile game looks more interesting with the promise of further unlock ability.


You need to ensure that your game app has all these necessary features. It’s recommended to use the above mentioned features for mbc2030 the best mobile games that would result in successful and impressive smartphone game apps.

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