Top 3 Ways to Unlock iPhone without Passcode

When the wrong passcode is entered six times in a row, the iPhone will be disabled. It’s aggravating when a youngster or stranger disables your iPhone by repeatedly entering the erroneous code. However, if you forget your device’s passcode, you could be the one to blame. So, how do you unlock an iPhone that has been disabled?

When an iPhone gets disabled, the correct passcode can no longer unlock the phone. Then you’ll need to know how to unlock iPhone without passcode. This article offers you three ways on how to unlock an iPhone without the passcode. 

The Screen Lock Problem

Quality and durability have been lauded for the iPhone line of mobile devices. The iPhone 13 is the newest member of the family, and it is nothing short of exquisite. The screen lock function is critical for the security of user data. The owner sets a unique passcode to unlock the phone, preventing strangers from using it.

Unlike many Android devices, an iPhone can be disabled if the passcode is incorrect. A disabled device must be erased and reset to factory settings. Keep reading to know how to unlock iPhone passcode. The iPhone screen lock is then a blessing and a curse at the same time. 

Ways to Unlock an iPhone without Passcode

There are three major methods that can be used to get an iPhone unlocked without using the passcode. Let us consider them one after the other: 

Connecting to iTunes

When an iPhone is deactivated, a common message is that it has to be connected to iTunes. Without passcode, iTunes can be used to unlock a deactivated iPhone. When the “Find my Phone” option is disabled, this is the major technique that works. The iTunes method will not work if this option is enabled.

Open iTunes on a computer and connect the disabled phone with a lightning connection to unlock it with iTunes. Once the phone has been discovered, select the “restore iPhone” command. This command will clear all of the data on the phone and reset it to factory settings. The passcode will be erased along with the rest of the phone’s data. The data can be restored from a saved backup on iTunes. 

The use of “Find my Phone” with iCloud

Using iCloud, another phone can be used to unlock a disabled iPhone. The “Find my Phone” option is required for this method to work. For this function to work, it must be turned on on the phone. The Apple account connected with the phone is logged into by using another phone to open

The list of Apple devices associated with that account is presented. The deactivated phone is selected, as well as the “delete iPhone” option. This removes the passcode as well as other data from the phone. The phone will then be unlocked without the need for a passcode.

The use of Dr.Fone-Screen Unlock 

A third technique for unlocking an iPhone without passcode is to use Wondershare Dr.Fone. It is a comprehensive mobile management solution for both iOS and Android smartphones. Unlocking disabled iPhones is a key feature of this program. Apart from unlocking a disabled iPhone, Dr.Fone is a desktop software that can be used for a variety of tasks including iOS and Android system repair, phone data transfer, data backup, password manager, and many others.

The 7 Steps of Using Dr.Fone-Screen Unlock

Below are the steps involved in the use of Dr.Fone to unlock the iPhone screen without a passcode. 

  1. The initiating step is to get the Dr.Fone software installed and launched on your desktop. Select “Screen Unlock” when the program runs. 
use Dr.Fone to unlock iphone without passcode
  1. Connect the iPhone to the desktop with a USB or lightning cable and wait for the software to access the device. Once this happens, click the “Unlock IOS Screen” 
start to unlock iphone without passcode
  1. The next step is to start the DFU mode on the iPhone. Follow the instruction on the screen to activate the DFU.
Enter iPhone into DFU mode
  1. Input the appropriate information of your iPhone on the next screen to allow the software to download the latest firmware for your device.
check information to start unlock iphone
  1. After the download is complete, click the “unlock now” option. 
last step to unlock disabled iphone without itunes
  1. A confirmation code is displayed on the screen after clicking “unlock now.” Input the code to begin the unlocking.
confirm to unlock
  1. Wait for the unlocking process to complete. The iPhone data will be completely erased and it will be restored to default without the passcode. 
unlocked disabled iphone without itunes successfully

Final Thought

Three ways have been listed that can be used in unlocking an iPhone without a passcode. Apple channels like iTunes and iCloud are typically used to accomplish this unlocking. However, with the Dr.Fone – iPhone Screen Unlock, there is a more convenient way. 

This multi-functional tool not only unlocks a screen without a passcode but also performs a variety of other tasks. Data transfer between operating systems, mobile data backup, WhatsApp transfer, data recovery, and system repair are just a few of the features available.

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