Top 5 Books on Ammunition Reloading

Every ammunition reloader wants some varieties of tools, equipment, and books to be in their collection. Reloading manuals are the main priority on the equipment list. To get an attempt to load ammo, the proper info is important. In the market, there are so many manuals available that contain credible information. Some of them cover issues like making blanks or black powder. Older reloading books have great data but are not an ideal choice for beginners. There are many good and specialized publications available. For example, the book from norma production provides only norma powders which are limited unless it was a nice book. The Manuals published by any bullet or powder company are the best for the neophyte reloader. The data you will follow are established by qualified engineers who have the best equipment. So it is safe to follow their published direction. Here are 5 books about ammunition reloading that any beginner can follow and this will provide you the step by step guide for hand reloading also. If you want more, click here

Sierra Bullets Reloading Manual and Video

It has been 60 years of the Sierra bullet company and their quality bullets production. Its exceptional accuracy is having one strong suit. It has published some manuals over the years. But also they did update those regularly because the guns, bullets, and powders developed rapidly. This is why an updated addition Sierra bullets reloading manual has been produced every year. You will get some hints of the process for reloading ammo safely in this reloading data. You also will get a chance to write your note also. This company also produces reloading videos and bullet jackets.

Hornady – Handbook of Cartridge Reloading

It has also been around for many years. They produce brass and loaded ammo along with the bullets. Hornady Handbook of Cartridge reloading is a major producer of reloading equipment and tools. It contains some usual reloading information and tips. With the type of gun used, case dimensions are also included. It has a total of 1000 Pages where a glossary and other useful Infos are available. Here the bullet makers use their own bullet while producing the data. They listed various types of gun and barrel length with their sectional density and ballistic coefficient. This will help you in selecting a bullet for a specific purpose.

Hodgdon Annual Manual Reloading

This company produces gunpowder instead of bullets and owns IMR powder and Goex black powder company. Not only these but also they have owned many other gunpowder companies like the Vihtavuori and Winchester lines. They also market for Pyrodex, Triple 7’s, and White Hots to cover any gunpowder. This annual reloading manual is a magazine with a softcover that updates every year with a few articles on reloading. The unique thing they did is, use different bullets from different brands and specifically describe the uses or the bullets in the loads. Whoever is a thrifty buyer can go with this manual.

Lyman Reloading Handbook 

Since the 19’th century, Lyman has published. Since then they have been producing and making reloading tools and molds. This company markets chronographs and bore lights items. They are highly recommended for the cast bullet reloading buff. This manual is full of 450 pages.

Barnes Bullets Reloading Manual

If you are collecting popular books for your reloading bookshelf, you must have a Barnes reloading book, because nowadays, lead-free bullets are popular. This manual gained a much better reputation for many years by making copper and brass bullets. Their copper bullets are so pure that they are longer than the same weighted and shaped cup and core. That’s why their loading data is different. Here, I must mention that Fred Barnes made premium bullets in his basement in 1932. From this later, they started making the copper bullets and muzzleloading projectiles. Now they are making loaded ammo. Also, they sell their bullets to other companies.

Here are some best books for the thriftiest. If you are collecting all the best reloading manuals to embrace your bookshelf and start learning from the beginning. Though there are some other books available with unique ideas and activities we tried to deliver the best among them.

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