Where to Stay in Phnom Penh, Cambodia?

Wondering where to stay in Phnom Penh as a tourist? Well, when it comes to finding suitable Phnom Penh hotels, you have to keep in mind the surrounding neighborhood, areas to go and avoid crime rate, and cleanliness of the place. Also, when you look for online travel guides regarding accommodation in Phnom Penh, you will observe that most of them recommend living nearby the famous Riverside area which of course is not desirable for every tourist based on his preferences.

Hence, we have extended our tourist guide to suggest to you the best local neighborhoods and ex-pat areas where there are plenty of accommodation options and amazing boutique hotels that will make it easier for you to choose from as per your needs.

Look for Your Taste and Budget

Before you rush to book your hotel, it’s quite necessary to ask yourself which part of Phnom Penh you would like to stay in? This is because the city is immensely huge, and each neighborhood has something different to offer according to the different tastes and budgets of the tourists. This helps you have an idea of what you want to do in Phnom Penh and what are your expectations from the Phnom Penh hotels in the city.

Here are some places that you can choose for your accommodation!

Riverside and Doun Penh

Usually, tourists as their first-time visitors choose to stay at Riverside and Doun Penh. The “Riverside” is a 1.5km portion of the waterfront between the Royal Palace and Night Market while the latter refers to a district that includes SangkatVoatPhnum and Sisowath Quay and is at walking distance from all the main attractions of the city. Here you can find some great budget Phnom Penh hotels or resorts that enjoy good ratings from international tourists.

Street 40

If you are a shopaholic and love visiting cafes for refreshments, then Street 40 is the best place to stay there. It runs east-west between WatBotum Park and Independence Monument, along the southern wall of the Royal Palace. The place is well-known for its marvelous cafes and restaurants, the best shopping boutiques and hotels, laneway culture, and street art.


BKK1 is another best option while looking for Phnom Penh hotels to stay especially when you are coming with your family. Baitong– a sleek urban resort also resides right in the heart of BKK1. The building of Baitong is composed of its quintessential design elements around each corner and down every corridor that mesmerizes the tourists in the first glimpse.

 Its unique architecture distinguishes it from other Phnom Penh hotels for it has vast lush gardens, clear and transparent ponds, cascading Jacuzzi, heightened but comfortable staircases, glass-bottomed pool and walkway, and other bold and amazing features that compels the tourists to stay here for long duration.

Our hotel’s building is not like other common hotels; rather it is made up of a mixture of materials such as rough stone, leather, unfinished wood, and metallic finishes that give you a feeling of industrial functionality.

Services at Baitong

Food –Well, Baitong knows how important it is to give comfort to their guests. We offer some special deals to our guests to give them the experience of a scrumptious meal. For dining, we have three on-site options on the 6th floor of the building as Lantern Bar offers stunning skyline views from the rooftop bar Kuang Seafood with its delicious Thai delicacies.

Internet Connection –Of course, when you go out for an international tour, you miss your dear ones and wish they joined you in your journey. No longer worry is needed for that because we provide a limitless internet connection to our guests to call 24/7 to their relatives and friends and enjoy every bit of their journey.

Pools and Gym-Baitong has also other options to make our guests feel relaxed after a long hectic day. Our Spa by Bodia provides a service of soothing massage from your favorite experts across the country. If you want to flex your muscles, our gym service is available all the time. Even if you want to do swimming, our outdoor pools are right there at walking distance from your bed to make your journey worthwhile and memorable.

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