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Top 5 New Games in 2021

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As people have been hurtling towards the finishing of the year 2021, they are witnessing major changes in the list of many games. With time, novice titles are getting released, while some are becoming delayed. When you go through the list containing all the novice games, you will find many big hitters. The remarkable thing is some new games are going to be released in the coming year. 


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This is a proven fact that the year 2022 will be a thrilling year for gaming because countless developers have engaged themselves in pushing the strength of Xbox Series X and PSS. This is a really challenging process to keep a trail of some upcoming games that would be released. Hence, you can go through the list of every game that you should watch out for. 

  • Garena Free Fire MAX – Players love to play Garena Free Fire MAX, and it is a novice battle royale shooter. You need to play it the manner you play other battle royales. Here, in this game, players do drop in along with forty-nine players and attempt to be the last player who would be standing. Garena Free Fire MAX is considered the successor to the actual game, “Garena Free Fire”. 

The developer of this game boasts improved controls and graphics compared to the earlier game. This variation of the game also comprises 4-person squads for a few co-op plays. A player can utilize his account of Free Fire when he is not in a mood to create a fresh one for himself. Garena Free Fire MAX is most probably one of the biggest releases of 2021. The original game was a huge success in a country like the US compared to PUBG mobile.

  • NarakaBladepoint – If you have a fetish for highly entertaining and magical games, then you will certainly not be able to stop yourself from playing NarakaBladepoint. This game has been successful in shooting up to be one of the topmost games in just some days after it got launched. 
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For playing this game, players use various hacks, like Naraka Bladepoint autoparry. When people engage it, their character flashes red. This is considered one of the finest methods in which you can counterattack in this game. At times, the battle of this game becomes very tough, and so, players find it tough to attack as well as do their combinations in time. This is the time when hacks turn out to be useful.

  • Girl Café Gun – This is a gacha game that does have many shooting mechanics and anime girls. This game is an isometric shooter having simple controls. Whenever players play this game, they get a relaxed feeling. Additionally, this game has got a bonding system, too, where the characters help players in upgrading them. Girl Café Gun is a powerful game as it has got more than sixty hours of voiceovers. This game has huge resemblances to Azur Lane, where it seems fun to observe the game compared to playing it physically. 
  • Scarlet Nexus – This game has a superb story, excellent characters, and mind-blowing combat. Players can play as either YuitoSumeragi or Kasane Randall. While playing this game, you will get access to many psychokinetic powers besides the capabilities of your teammates. This game has got lots of things that go on. When you play this game, you will find that its plot has become thickened after some hours only. Now, if you are one of those who have failed to enjoy JRPGs previously, then you must check this game. Scarlet Nexus does feature lots of hallmarks of the genre though it is more straightforward compared to other games that belong to this category.
  • Pokemon Unite – Among many big mobile game releases in the year 2021, Pokemon Unite is one. This game is viewed as one of the five on five MOBA that utilizes Pokemon. Players play this game similar to major other MOBAs. The map of this game has been divided into a couple of halves. While playing, you will come across some control points, and they remain present on both sides. A player works together for taking a control point, and it continues until the other team does lose the game. The remarkable thing about this game is it has been expanding incessantly because the developers continue to include new Pokemon. 
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Players from all across the globe love to play Pokemon Unite because they get a reasonably fun MOBA experience when they play it. Again, it fits well with the genre. Pokemon Unite is sufficiently different from genre mainstays, and so, it continues to be unique. The best thing is you can play this game for free. The in-app purchases of this game would not affect your capability to win, and so, this game does remain competitive. 

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