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Top 7 Discount Real Estate Brokers in 2022

One of the simplest methods to keep more money in your pocket when selling your house is to list with discount real estate brokers.

A discount real estate broker is a firm or agency that gives house sellers built-in commission discounts. Rather than charging the 2.5–3% listing fee that most traditional realtors do, these brands charge as little as 1% or a flat price.


Houzeo is a package of maximum savings, cutting-edge technology, and 5-star customer service unequaled. For full-service merchants, Houzeo is the most successful and competitive marketplace. These cost-effective real estate firms will save them money while requiring the least engagement with a real estate agent.

Pros of Houzeo

  • A brief rundown (within a day with concierge)
  • Nationwide coverage
  • Fewer Commissions.
  • Simple listings, quick adjustments, online showings, and offers 
  • Listings on, Redfin, Trulia, and Zillow.
  • 100% online
  • Direct contact with buyers
  • Maximum exposure
  • They allow you to schedule showings online.
  • Easy Paperwork


Homebuyers and sellers can use Redfin to search local real estate listings and connect with local agents. Redfin works with agents willing to charge sellers a 1.5% listing fee instead of the standard 2.5% to 3%.

When you buy with Redfin, the company claims that you pay a 1% cost. Redfin representatives follow a tech-centric customer service style, which means they may provide less one-on-one assistance.

Pros of Redfin

  • Although many bargain brokers claim user-friendly technology, Redfin’s well-known platform remains the golden norm.
  • Most sellers prefer Redfin because of its minimal fees. And many selling with Redfin reviews agrees that the savings are real.
  • You’ll pay less money on agent fees when you sell with a low commission agent, which could mean more money in your pocket, depending on how well the agent performs.
  • Working in a group can provide you with extra resources.

Cons of Redfin

  • Working with a low commission agent may result in a lower profit on your property sale.
  • The offerings on RedfinNow are frequently below market value.
  • Working in a group can be challenging.
  • Personalization is lacking.


UpNest is a free internet service that links home buyers and sellers in their area with full-service real estate agents. You’ll receive proposals from numerous agents within 24 hours after giving UpNest some basic information about your needs.

UpNest sets itself apart from other agent matching platforms by allowing real estate professionals to compete for your business. You’ll receive proposals from several realtors and their fees and services when you sign up.

Pros of UpNest

  • UpNest registration takes only a few minutes.
  • Even in rural locations, where other agent matching platforms struggle, UpNest’s agent matches were excellent.
  • One of the nicest customer dashboards we’ve seen belongs to UpNest. The offers that agents send through the dashboard are chock-full of important information that makes the agent shopping process go more smoothly.

Cons of UpNest

  • Customer support at UpNest was a mixed bag. Some of the UpNest representatives we interacted with were helpful and informed about the company’s operation and agents.
  • Their average commission rate is 5.2%, only slightly less than the national average of 5.45%.


HomeLight is a fantastic resource for rapidly locating a quality local agent. However, it does not provide any built-in commission savings for either sellers or purchasers. HomeLight’s agent matching service connects buyers and sellers with a local broker quickly and easily.

HomeLight, as one of the largest services of its sort, gives clients more choices, particularly in small towns and rural areas.

Pros of HomeLight 

  • Many markets, particularly major metro regions, have suitable agents.
  • The customer dashboard is practical and simple to use.
  • You can pick from a variety of agents.

Cons of HomeLight 

  • A fully automated procedure may result in poor matches.
  • Agents have little quality control.
  • You’ll be inundated with text messages, phone calls, and emails.
  • There are no savings built-in or guaranteed.


SimpleShowing is a real estate firm that offers house sellers reduced listing fees and significant commission rebates to purchasers. For home sellers, SimpleShowing claims a 1% commission rate.

Buyers who meet certain criteria may be eligible for rebates of up to 1.5% of the purchase price. SimpleShowing is currently only offered in a few Florida, Georgia, and Texas markets.

Pros of SimpleShowing

  • The most prominent topic in favorable SimpleShowing evaluations is that the company’s business model saves both vendors and buyers a lot of money on commissions.
  • SimpleShowing’s co-founders continue to engage with buyers and sellers directly.
  • SimpleShowing offers the same services as a traditional real estate brokerage but at a fraction of the price.

Cons of SimpleShowing

  • SimpleShowing has a few agents spread across numerous metro regions in several states.
  • The high-volume approach could be dangerous.
  • SimpleShowing is appropriate for homebuyers who are confident in their ability to conduct their research and ready to purchase.


Prevu is a real estate business in California with certified professionals who can help you buy or sell a home. Prevu offers one of the most generous home buyer refunds from any bargain broker.

It can also save sellers up to 25% over traditional realtors. Agents with Prevu are fully licensed and provide the same level of service and assistance as traditional realtors.

Pros of Prevu

  • When you utilize Prevu to sell your home, you’ll normally pay a 1.5% commission rather than the standard 3%, saving you a lot of money if you own a high-value home.
  • Prevu will repay you up to 2% of the commission you paid to the buyer’s agent.

Cons of Prevu

  • Prevu may have a hard time attracting the best real estate professionals. Unlike other realtors paid only on commission, Prevu agents are salaried employees, meaning their pay is proportional to the number of deals they close.
  • Prevu keeps its location-specific minimum listing fees a secret. If you’re interested in purchasing Prevu, speak with a local group to determine how much it would cost.
  • Prevu employs only a few internal agents.

Clever Real Estate

  • Clever Real Estate claims to offer a free agent matching service intended to assist individuals in purchasing or selling a house. Clever is a no-cost, no-obligation service with no hidden fees. 
  • Clever relies on a network of agents for referrals. They look for full-time professional agents with local market knowledge, tech-savvy, and experienced negotiators.

Pros of Clever Real Estate

  • The simple procedure to follow.
  • Pay for the services that you want.
  • As per Clever Real Estate reviews, they provide Excellent Customer Service and client satisfaction.
  • They have a 1% fixed agency charge.

Cons of Clever Real Estate

  • Clever does not reveal all of the prices upfront. 
  • Customer testimonials indicate that their agents aren’t up to par. 
  • Clever pre-determines commissions with sellers/buyers, leaving little space for negotiation.
  • Can assist you in locating a local agent.
  • Clever has little regard for the privacy of its customers. You’ll waste a substantial amount of time interviewing agents. 

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