Top 7 Roulette Bets and Strategies

While online roulette isn’t the greatest way to make money mechanically, gamblers remain popular. It’s popular among players since it’s simple to learn and play. Despite the fact that it is slow-paced, online roulette continues to amaze people.

Roulette is a simple game with one of the most illustrious histories in gaming. While the bulk of the game is simply luck-based, you will have a greater chance of winning if you have some additional information. We’ll go through our top online roulette tips and tricks, as well as how to increase your chances of winning big.

#1 When Possible, Use the En Prison Rule

This regulation only applies to European Roulette. If the ball lands in the ‘0’ slot, it puts your even-money bets “in prison.” The money you’ve wagered is then carried over to the next spin. You receive your money back if you win the next spin. However, if you lose, you also lose your money.

#2 The All-in Tactic

If you enjoy living on the edge, the All-In betting strategy might be ideal for you. This approach is popular among gamers hoping for an adrenaline rush or quick cash. The method is precisely as it sounds. First, select a number to wager on and stake your entire bankroll on it. Depending on how frequently you win, you can perform this once or several times.

#3 Consider Using a Column-betting Tactic

In online roulette, column betting comprises betting on either red vs. black, even vs. odd, or high vs. low. You’re basically betting that the ball will land on a number in one of the table’s three columns. Remember that column bets are outside bets. Thus you are more likely to build your bankroll swiftly.

#4 Don’t Let Yourself Get Carried Away

It is critical that you set a loss limit for yourself before you begin playing. Once you’ve established your limit, you’re prepared to accept the inherent danger of gambling. Then, when you’ve used all the allotted time, stop and go on. You may always play the following day.

#5 Take Charge of Your Finances

To save your cash, resist the urge to place large wagers. Instead, make lesser wagers and gradually increase your bankroll.

#6 First, play for free.

One of the most important pros of playing online is that you may try out many games for free before investing real money. For example, if you’re not sure how to play online roulette, try it out for free first. You can always play with real money after you’ve gained enough confidence.

Make sure you understand the many sorts of bets offered, as well as the probabilities, so you can have a higher success rate.

#7 Play roulette online at reputable online casinos.

You should be picky about the online casino you choose. Do your homework and play at a reputable online casino. You do not want to put your money in the hands of a shady internet casino. You may win, but what if you are unable to withdraw your winnings?

Nowadays, platforms like Bitbetwin are leading with their unique service to online gamblers without financial risk. You can simply register to start your online roulette experience on your favorite slot.

Fortunately, we’ve done all of the legwork for you, so you don’t have to. The following online casinos provide a wide variety of online roulette games and versions.


I recommend that you choose your roulette strategy according to your gaming style. Choose something less risky, such as the Fibonacci or the Reverse Martingale. The Double or Nothing Strategy will suit you if you appreciate the excitement of risking it all.

In any case, gamble sensibly, keep an eye on your wallet, and don’t allow roulette, slots, or other casino games to take over other elements of your life.

Christopher Stern

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