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Top Rubbish and Recycling Bin Purchasing Considerations

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In today’s society, properly managing waste is more important than ever. With increased awareness around landfill accumulation and the life cycle of single-use products, Australians are looking for educated methods to be environmentally conscious while tackling their waste management needs.  

Purchasing the right general waste bins for your home or office comes down to understanding what features you need, considering capacity requirements, and knowing your budget limitations – all of which can help you select the right option that fits your lifestyle or business practices. 

This article discusses top considerations to note when buying a new rubbish and recycling bin to help you get what you need without being overwhelmed by too much information. Keep reading!

Rubbish and Recycling Bin Material

One vital consideration you need to make when buying a rubbish and recycling bin is the material. Trash cans come in various materials, including metal and plastic. 

Metal trash cans include aluminium, steel, and stainless steel cans. Alternatively, plastic rubbish bins are made from polyethylene and resin. You’ll also find concrete trash cans and other waste bins that fall outside these categories. 

Rubbish and Recycling Bin Size

The quantity of dirt a rubbish and recycling bin can hold depends on your preferred size. Therefore, you need to base your size on your needs. For instance, a large office bin designated for paper waste will be filled faster than a glass recycling bin. 

Types of Rubbish and Recycling Bins

The following are some of the top rubbish and recycling bins to consider when looking to buy a trash can:

  • Touchless Rubbish and Recycle Bin

Since trash bins collect recyclables and trash, it’s unhygienic to touch them with your hands. Hence, touchless rubbish bins are becoming more popular. These touchless bins come as step-on trash bins or automatic cans with motion sensors to prevent touching them with your hands.

Therefore, if you’re looking to buy a recycling kitchen bin, go for the touchless option.

Open-top bins enable easy waste disposal

  • Open Top Trash Bin

As the name implies, open-top cans come without lids for easy trash disposal. They often serve as a trash bin for the office to dispose of papers. You’ll also see it in fast food restaurants for easily discarding food wraps and containers without touching the bin. 

  • Manual Rubbish Bin

Unlike a touchless trash can, a manual rubbish bin is one you need to open by hand. However, the method of opening differs according to the manufacturer. 

If you prefer manual trash cans, you can find diverse plastic rubbish bins with lids according to your need and preference. Besides lifting the cover by hand, you’ll also see fancy manual trash bins with lids that automatically open after pushing a touch bar or pressing the top. 

You can also use your elbow or hip to open the lids of these types of recycling bins. 

  • Step-on Rubbish Bin

This type of trash can is touchless because you can’t open the lids with your hands. Simply step on the pedal to open it. 

Therefore, it’s a hygienic can to use in the bathroom, restroom, or kitchen. You can find multi, dual, or single-compartment step-on recycling bins to suit your needs and preference.

  • Swing Lid Rubbish Bin

A swing-lid rubbish bin has a lid pushed by hand, meaning it’s a manual trash bin. You’ll find swing-lid trash bins with a spring that closes after removing your hand. Some swing-lid cans have a rotating cover, so you can easily use them.

Final Thoughts

Buying the right rubbish and recycling bin in Australia is easy if you follow the right tips. Whether you need a plastic yellow waste bin or a stainless step-on trash can, you’ll have an easy purchase process with the right information. 

Hopefully, you have all the valuable information to help you make the best purchase decision. Good luck!

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