Top Tips for Changing Your Incontinence Products in Public

Living with incontinence can be tedious and embarrassing. As a result, most people avoid public spaces to save themselves from the potential shame of changing their incontinence products. However, several tips can make life a tad bit easier and quell all the shame. Here are some of the top tips for changing your incontinence products in public 

Carry all your supplies

The changing kit for incontinence pads varies between users. However, some standard requirements include incontinence wipes, cleansing products, a fresh incontinence pad and gloves. All the products can conveniently fit in a small bag without standing out.

It’s also important to stock quality products that make it easy to manage incontinence. For example, quality pads are able to last longer between changes. Moreover, good wipes and cleansing products protect the skin and clear out the smell of urine. 

Additionally, it would be best if you carried enough supplies. You may need to change several times depending on the severity of your incontinence and your activities. Therefore, it’s advisable to have spare products in case things get worse. Moreover, plan accordingly for long trips and outings. 

Knowing you have everything you need in case of a leak makes it easier to go about your daily activities. 

Dispose of the products appropriately

Disposal of incontinence pads can be challenging, especially if you are in public. However, the solutions are quite simple. Firstly, always carry a disposable bag in your changing kit. The bag allows you to safely put away used products and move them to the trash. Moreover, disposable bags contain the smell of used pads. You only need to throw the waste in the bag and tie it tightly for disposal. 

Secondly, looking around the bathroom for any special disposal bins is important. Some public washrooms have special bins for pads to improve waste management and make disposal convenient for users. The bin is in the toilet cubicle in many spaces to maintain privacy. Therefore, before you start changing in public, identify the disposal facilities. 

Lastly, don’t flush your incontinence pad in the toilet. An incontinence pad is designed to absorb water; therefore, flushing one in the toilet may clog the drain. If you aren’t sure where to dispose of your incontinence pad, you could always ask the facility manager or the cleaning attendant before entering the washrooms. 

Check and change frequently

Don’t wait for your pad to get full before changing it. If you are out in public, it’s important to change your pad frequently. Nonetheless, you may wonder how often you should change your incontinence pads. The answer depends on several factors. 


You may need several changes in a day if you have severe incontinence. Therefore, it’s important to check your pad frequently for leakage and note how often you have to change it. Treatment is bound to improve incontinence and reduce the frequency of change, but it’s prudent to be ready regardless.


Incontinence can get worse with physical exertion. Therefore, if you are going out to play or exercise, carry some extra pads and frequently check for leaks. 

Other factors

Disease and diet can make incontinence worse. For example, if you have a urinary tract infection, the incontinence may get worse. Furthermore, if you overhydrate, you will need to change more frequently.

All in all, frequent changes are recommended since they prevent skin irritation and promote good hygiene.

Don’t be shy

Many people have incontinence; therefore, it’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Moreover, it’s an inconspicuous condition. You simply need to follow the right steps to maintain privacy and good hygiene. 

Having incontinence is not the end of enjoying public spaces and activities. You are free to go anywhere as long as you follow the right steps. 

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