5 medications that have changed the world

Once upon a time humans were entirely dependent on the strength of their immune system, their ability to avoid injury and a bit of good fortune. Fortunately, modern medicine has moved on a bit since then and we now have many great tools, technologies and treatments that have made it easier to maintain quality of life and keep sickness at bay. 

Let’s take a closer look at some of the incredible medications developed by the brightest minds in medicine.


Almost no one could imagine living without easy access to pain relief – whether it’s to relieve the pain of a headache or the discomfort of a sore toe. An operation should be painless, and we are usually given pain medication afterwards. In today’s world, the ready availability of safe medication enables us to manage chronic pain in order to live a (mostly) pain-free life. 

In spite of the ever-growing problems caused by narcotic addiction, a world without morphine would surely entail more suffering than we see today. Morphine is an active ingredient in opium – a strong pain killer – used to treat severe pain. 

While no one likes to think of end of life care, it is true to say that the experience of dying would be significantly more traumatic for people without morphine.


The discovery of insulin has forever changed the lives of those suffering from diabetes. Before insulin, children with juvenile diabetes (Type 1) lived for less than 18 months after diagnosis on average. 

However, the societal impact of insulin was astounding. The morality rate in the world rapidly decreased, and people were now able to live longer and healthier lives. Insulin now comes in many forms, from regular human insulin to ultra-long-acting insulins. 

Additionally, people with diabetes can choose from a variety of ways to take their insulin based on their personal needs. From Humalog to Novolog and insulin pens to pumps, insulin has come a long way. It may not be a cure for diabetes, but it’s certainly a life saver.


The unintended discovery of penicillin was undoubtedly one of the most important scientific discoveries in recent history. By ushering in the widespread clinical use of antibiotics, penicillin made it possible to effectively treat infections that would previously have been fatal. These diseases include tonsillitis and pneumonia. 

Over the years penicillin has become one of the most effective drugs in the world, having saved an estimated 200 million lives.


For most people, when they experience everyday aches and pains – whether it be headache or muscle pain – they probably reach for aspirin. Aspirin has developed into a miracle drug due to its extensive use for its analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects. Due to its ease of access, cheap expense, and its effectiveness to alleviate pain, aspirin began to change the experience and expectations of patients and doctors and ultimately the nature of modern medicine itself. 

Despite the development of alternative pain relief medications and a broad array of other drugs that can now be ordered online from pharmacies like PostMyMeds, aspirin will always hold a significant place in the history of pharmaceutical agents.


We expect to feel no pain during surgery, or at least to have no memory of the procedure. But it wasn’t always this way. Before the discovery of general anaesthesia during the 19th century, procedures were performed only as a last and desperate resort. Conscious and without pain relief – filled with unspeakable terror and unimaginable agony. 

Thanks to anaesthesia, surgeons can now perform more complex operations, allowing them to save even more lives. Now, it is hard to imagine a world without anaesthesia, with its administration to millions of patients each year 

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