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What Is HTFSE and Can You Get High With It??

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When you are a newbie in the world of marijuana, some slang and terms can be very confusing. One of the most confusing of all is certainly HTFSE. After all, what is that? And can you get high with it?

Cannabis concentrates have come a long way. Now, you can have the best experience while tasting something flavorful and delicious without having to worry about your safety. That is possible because of the technological advances we’ve in that few in the past few decades, and especially in the past few years. HTFSE is a result of this advance.

Let me explain to you quickly what a full-spectrum extract is. It is a cannabis concentrate that preserves the full cannabinoid, and also terpene, contents of the raw plant. It captures all of the therapeutic compounds of the raw cannabis plant but leaving behind all the waxes, fats, and lipids that hold the desirable compounds together. So, it concentrates a compound in specific in very high quantity but still has other compounds together, so the “entourage effect” can occur.

HTFSE (high terpene full-spectrum extracts) is a full-spectrum extract with high concentrations of terpenes. It has a liquid and sauce-like consistency, which can make it a little hard to handle. It can contain something about 50% cannabinoids and something about 13 to 40% terpenes.

HTFSE can be made of fresh, cured, or flash-frozen cannabis buds, but the plant must be a high-quality one since that directly affects the result. The reason why buds are used is that it contains the highest levels of terpenes in the cannabis life cycle, so it is perfect for a concentrate of terpenes. Then, the extraction occurs – there are different methods for the extraction – and the concentrate is left to naturally separate into its components, which are HCFSE (high cannabinoid full-spectrum extracts) and HTFSE.

HTFSE is very flavorful and it can cause an unforgettable experience since it retains the strain’s unique terpene composition. For better results, you should consume it through dabbing. And to answer the main question, yes, HTFSE can and probably will get you high if you use the right amount to it. But remember that when you are talking about HTFSE or even marijuana in general, is very important to know the strain.

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