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The Sole of Perfect Shoe Racks And How To Buy Them Online

Shoe racks are usually furniture to be placed in the hall at the entrance or at the verandah to store your shoes. A shoe rack must be handy and allow ventilation for the shoes to avoid a foul smell. Buying a shoe rack online can be done easily, but don’t forget to take note of a few basic points like size, make, and quality. Apart from them here are a few other suggestions that help you choose the best one for your home without any confusion. You can also look into the Wakefit website for some nice products to purchase for your home. 

Sturdy and strong 

A shoe cabinet should be sturdy and strong enough to hold all your shoes. It is a piece of furniture that is roughly handled by everyone in the family. Hence it is essential to buy a strong one that doesn’t get damaged quickly. If you have kids at home, then there are more chances to roughly handle the shoe rack. Buy a wooden shoe rack either made with Sheesham wood or engineered wood where the racks are fitted tightly. Make sure the racks are not loose and do not fall off after a certain period of time. Find the latest shoe rack designs online with the best make and quality standards for your home. 

Ensure proper ventilation 

A shoe rack should have proper ventilation on all the sides to avoid a foul smell from the shoes. The sweat in the shoes can accumulate and cause a pungent smell if not kept in the open or with proper ventilation. So it is always wise to choose a shoe deck design that has good ventilation. It also promotes better hygiene. 

Choose the appropriate size

A shoe rack is an essential piece of furniture for the entire family. Each member of the family has at least 3 sets of shoes or slippers. Look for a shoe rack that accommodates all the shoes and slippers of the family members. If you live alone, then maybe you can pick a small shoe rack depending on the number of shoes you have. The appropriate size of the shoe rack is also based on the space available. If you have a small space, consider choosing a taller shoe rack instead of a wide one. Those who have lavish space can design a shoe cabinet that is either long or tall depending on their own preferences. 

Shoe cabinets with drawers 

If you don’t like shoe cabinets with full doors or open doors, consider making shoe cabinets with drawers. These are separate segments that can hold only one pair of shoes in a particular drawer. You can have up to six or seven drawers in a shoe rack based on the number of pairs you own. While picking a shoe rack with drawers, ensure the runners are of the best quality so that it is easy to pull and push every day. Also, ensure ventilation from the back to avoid the foul smell from the shoes. Any shoe should not be fully closed without any air circulation. It causes fungal infection. Hence proper ventilation is a must for any kind of shoe rack. 

Open shoe stands

If you don’t want to go with a shoe rack that has doors or drawers try open shoe stands that hold your shoes without any cover. These are ideal wooden shoe storage for the living room or to place inside your house as placing them in the verandah or balcony might cause accumulation of dust on the shoes as they are left open. The shoes in these open shoe stands have to be dusted once in a while to get rid of the dust that settles on them. 

Shoe rack with multiple storage features 

A shoe rack can be designed better with multiple storage features. You can have a drawer to store your socks so that you need not hunt for the socks inside your wardrobe every time you want to wear shoes. Sometimes if your heels are too high, choose separate drawers or racks that accommodate your heels in them. The drawer height should match with the height of your heels in order to do so. You can also customize them if you don’t find an option online. Look for shoe racks online that suit all kinds of shoes and boots. You can make the shoe rack look attractive by having plants on it to give more oxygen and avoid a bad smell. 


Buying a shoe rack online is easy if you take note of the above points. Moreover, online platforms give huge discounts in specific periods. Wait for those flash deals and purchase your furniture online. Don’t forget to ask for free delivery as it is quite common. Look at various websites in the comfort of your own home and choose the best one. 

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