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Top Tips for Organizing Stress-free Corporate Functions

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On average, corporate events generate over $17 billion for the Australian economy, which shows how effective they can be.

Taking a hold of organizing an event is essential for keeping attendees happy and showing that you’re a credible business. But, if this is your first time, figuring out where to start can feel daunting. Perhaps that’s why you’re here; you need help organizing a stress-free event and need a nudge in the right direction.

Sounds like you? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Here are the top tips for organizing stress-free corporate functions.

Understand the Event’s Purpose

If you’re not sure how to plan a corporate function, outline the purpose of your event. Figure out what your goals are and how this event can help you secure them. Instead of seeing it as a corporate get-together, see it as an immersive brand experience, so that you can make it thoughtful and engaging.

Know Your Target Audience

A successful corporate function is tailored toward its audience. During the planning stage, figure out who you’re targeting and everything will click into place. For instance, an event for investors will be far different from addressing prospective customers.

Outline Your Budget

One of the top corporate functions tips is outlining your budget. Calculate how much you can spend towards the event as it will have a huge impact on the size, venue, and keynote speakers you can afford. To avoid disappointment, research every aspect of the event thoroughly and shop around so you can land the best deals.

Establish a Timeline

Having a looming deadline is stressful, which is why creating a project timeline is helpful. Break the timeline into chunks and ensure that certain items have been checked off. For instance, you should book a venue at least 12 months in advance while booking a caterer can be left until the six-month mark.

Create a Checklist

When organizing a corporate function, creating a checklist is a must. Make sure you rank items from the most to least important to help you stay on track. It’s also an effective way to minimize stress, especially if you compile a list with another employee or manager.

Assemble a Reliable Team

Anyone planning how to plan a corporate event should have a reliable team that they can rely on. Aside from your employees, reach out to reliable vendors and speakers who will show up. Everyone must be focused on their task and work hard to make it happen, especially if you have a strict deadline.

Prioritize Good Communication

Clear communication is essential to staying organized. Make sure that you have everyone’s number and email, so that you can stay on track. Or, if you’re worried about shooting off endless messages, create a Slack account and your employees will stay updated in real time.

Choose the Right Venue

Before booking corporate functions, decide on your dream venue. Don’t fall into the trap of booking a venue when you haven’t visited in person because it’s hard to gauge its size via a photo. When you’ve narrowed down your list, read customer reviews and contact past event organizers to see whether they’d recommend the space.

Ideally, you want a venue that has public transport access, plenty of parking, and can support your entire guest list. If you have a tight budget, choose a less popular time, so that you can funnel the amount saved into other areas of the event.

Offer a Simple Menu

Design a simple menu that accommodates a range of dietary requirements.

For instance, offer a veggie dish and gluten-free items to ensure that everyone is catered for. You should also choose recipes that are easy to prepare as it will minimize issues at night. Also, if you’ve chosen a theme, make sure that the menu reflects that.

Prioritize Your Well-Being

Although it won’t affect your venue, it’s important to care for yourself during the planning process. Make sure that you carve out time when you can step back and enjoy your hobbies to unwind. You should also follow a balanced diet and exercise because it’s an excellent stress reliever.

Further, remember that you are human and you shouldn’t berate yourself if something goes wrong. Instead, set achievable goals and don’t expect everything to be perfect as it’s impossible.

Celebrate Small Wins

When you’re in the middle of organizing an event, it’s harder to see the larger picture. Because there are so many parts to an event, you should celebrate the small times that you and your team succeed. This could be anything from landing the first ticket sale to getting a great industry expert to speak at the event.

Promote Your Event

Once you’ve got the basics organized, pour your efforts into promoting your event.

Work with a developer to create a sleek website and create a social media account dedicated to the event. Or, if you already have a large following, consistently promote the event six months in advance to generate a buzz. Regarding content, post promotional videos, and blogs, and use an event-inspired hashtag to create consistent messaging across multiple platforms.

Further, consider sponsors in your local community to help with your corporate event. The beauty of sponsors is that they help fund a chunk of your project, which helps you save money in the long run.

Tips for Planning Corporate Functions

Hopefully, you’ll use these tips for arranging corporate functions.

There are many ways to mitigate stress, such as working with a reliable team and understanding your target audience. Organizers should also create a realistic timeline and prioritize their mental well-being. Good luck!

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