Top Ways to Stay Safe During COVID 19: Read on to Know

With the rising number of COVID 19 cases, it is essential to be mindful about being secure and safe when going out. However, since the global lockdown has been relaxed with the availability of the vaccine, it is much easier for everyone to get back to the normal pace of life. especially if you’re an extrovert, you would be missing out, going out in the restaurants. In this article, we will shed light on the top ways to stay safe during COVID 19:

Put on a Face Covering

Have you purchased medical face masks? If not, you can also order them online. After all, e-commerce websites are flooded with tons of face masks. This means, you can easily get a mask of your choice and stay safe. We also recommend you to be mindful about the size and design of the mask. Right now is the best time to put on a face covering and go out. Even if you are rest assured about entering an event where everyone is vaccinated, it is still best to keep yourself secure. 

Carry a Hand Sanitizer

If your hands are always dirty, it is best to carry a hand sanitizer in your pocket. And, if you have a bag, always keep several kits of hand sanitizers. In today’s time, all of us need to realize the importance of carrying a sanitizer IN our bags. After all, it can kill around 99% of germs. Plus, it will rest assured that you don’t have to wash your hands very often. today, almost every public space has a hand sanitizer and all of us can clean our hands in real time. you shouldn’t shy away from asking for this item, since it is all over the place. 

Respect Social Distancing

Although this trait is seldom being practiced, still it has a lot of importance in today’s time. Social distancing is important because it allows everyone to stay secure and protected. Social distancing is the need of the hour because it will be beneficial for everyone in public. All you have to do is, stand at a certain distance from the person who is in front of you and behind. Social distancing was one of the first norms introduced during the debut of COVID 19. Unfortunately, social distancing isn’t being appreciated, so people are getting infected with this disease. 

Don’t Shake Hands

All of us are comfortable with meeting each other from a distance, which means no hand shakes and unnecessary hygs. After all, our hands are the biggest source of coronavirus . And , if we don’t stop shaking our hands with the people around us, it will be hard to stay safe. Now is the best time to understand the importance of keeping away from this habit, as it will only take a big toll on everyone’s health in the future . so try to avoid shaking hands because it will only put the lives of both the parties in danger. 

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