Tricks to keep in mind while preparing for Biology Class 11

Students who want to pursue a career in medicine and are interested in studying for the NEET examination should know that they should begin looking for it as early as the first day of class. As they start their senior year, students frequently overlook the significance of class 11. This might be a wrong decision for them to make. As a result, kids must grasp the importance of studying their course 11 topics seriously. Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics are critical subjects for candidates preparing for competitive tests like NEET, JEE Main, and JEE Advanced. Biology is crucial for medical students. It is a theory-based topic that necessitates the recall of numerous diagrams, procedures, scientific names, etc.

Students can schedule their studies beforehand and work through the specifics one by one. whiteboard with wheels Creating a timetable for their Biology preparation is essential. Students must perform routine time for studying and provide sufficient attention to every part of biology for enough comprehension. Class 11 is crucial for NEET since it covers many critical topics and chapters and assists in covering the class 12 syllabus for NEET.

Some key suggestions and techniques are included below to assist students in better preparing for the Class 11 biology.

Choose the suitable study material

NCERT books are often regarded as an adequate study resource for CBSE students who do not have time on their hands yet want to do well in their forthcoming examinations. For such students, using NCERT Books Class 11 Biology as a reference for class 11 biology would be quite beneficial. These books cover all of the subject’s chapters in great detail and easy-to-understand language. These books were created keeping the wellbeing of students in mind, including lots of visual aids such as diagrams and tables to help them recall with a photographic memory.

Study according to a chapter’s weightage

Each biology chapter requires different kinds of attention; some require more time while others do not. Some chapters have more weightage than others. Keeping this in mind, a student can prepare a timetable that allocates enough time to those chapters with more weightage—concentrating on areas where the exam asks a large number of questions is believed to be a good approach since it enhances the possibilities of getting considerably better marks.

Designing a schedule

Once a chapter’s weightage is established and the areas the student should concentrate on, the student may create a practical study timetable based on their daily life pattern. In their schedule, they must keep their sleep schedule in mind and take brief but regular breaks. This will guarantee that students focus on their education and do not overlook their health during these crucial days.

More time should be devoted to topics that are more important in this timetable. It is essential to read the NCERT book word for word, but students must also pay special attention to specific areas they find challenging to comprehend. They should also ensure that they have no distractions when studying and devote 100 per cent of their attention to their task. This will ensure that students fully comprehend the material they are learning.

Making notes

Another trick that a student can use is to make notes during their study session, making self-explanatory diagrams and flowcharts to make it easier to summarise a concept or a theme in a particular chapter. Such as a diagram of the neuron can be drawn, labelled, and repeatedly practised to make sure they know exactly what a neuron is and what its functions are. Because biology is a theory-based subject, many different issues must be learned for the examinations.

Making notes can be helpful in these situations since it is easier for students to revise from such notes when they have an hour before their exam. They can utilise highlighters to draw attention to critical points. Bulletin-pointed notes can also be used to highlight the sections of a subject on which they have to concentrate more.

Self-examine their progress

Students should begin self-examination of their study progress in class 11 and continue throughout their academic careers. It is essential to become familiar with the various types of biology questions in order to gain confidence and be able to face any topic in the test. This entails completing self-assessment exams based on important sample questions provided in the NCERT books after each chapter. 

Practising these questions and answering them based on their knowledge will show them how much they understand from their biology curriculum and prepare them for the types of questions they would face during their class 12 board examinations. Studying hard in class 11 will ensure that these pupils are ready for the board exam that they will have to take after a year. It will also prepare them for their aspiration of taking part in competitive exams such as NEET. They can count the marks they lost owing to stupid mistakes, conceptual errors, and other errors after taking an exam. They should make sure that they don’t make the same error in the next exams.

Consistently revising

Students must remember to revise regularly. They must go over the same topics at the end of the week after learning new concepts weekly not to forget what they have already learned. This continual pounding will ensure that these notions are permanently imprinted in their minds. Revising will help ensure that these pupils know the specific ideas they are forgetting or having difficulty memorising. Then, instead of remembering other concepts, kids may focus on these. Before students sleep, they should review MCQ-based questions to ensure that these concepts are drilled into their heads.

Now that most of the basic tracks have been understood, it is also essential to keep in mind that following these tricks consistently with hard work and enough motivation will aid these aspirants to score amazingly well in their class 11 exam and prepare them for their class 12. Their chances of reaching their goals will substantially improve if they diligently focus on their studies and work hard to form an excellent base for their future.

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