Morocco is a country of seduction, an oriental temptation, a cascade of bright impressions for both experienced and beginner tourists. It is wonderful and unique from all sides: in the west of the country there is an unpredictable Atlantic, in the north – the gentle Mediterranean Sea, and in the south – the incredible dunes of the Sahara. In the vastness of Morocco is an amazing mix of ancient eastern traditions and advanced technology of Europe, the motley hues of a bustling street market and the monotonous silence of the desert. Going to this unique country, you just have to look around carefully, opening your heart and soul to new experiences. Marrakech desert tours 3 days to Fes


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When is the best time to go to Morocco?

Morocco is located in North Africa, but despite this, the journey here can go at any time of year. May to October is the ideal period for a vacation on the ocean, and the winter months are perfect for skiing in the Atlas Mountains and sightseeing.  Viajes al desierto Marruecos

High season in Morocco is from April to October and the New Year holidays (during these periods it will be very difficult to buy a ticket). Minimal number of visitors to the country is from November to March (during this time there is a big difference in daily temperature, so the price of the tour will be lower).


Morocco has activities for guests with different preferences, which makes the country interesting for 90% of tourists.

Beach Vacation

Agadir, Taghazout, Essaouira and Mazagan are the best beaches in Morocco, where you can comfortably sunbathe and swim. Lovers of seascapes can enjoy the picturesque view of red clay arches on the coast of Legzira.

If comfort is paramount, head to the giant Mediterrania-Saidia complex, where you can ride the rides, play golf or tennis, take a ride on a fancy yacht and just enjoy the high level of service.

Visit Surf Camp

The camp is located off the Western Sahara. Because of the peculiarities of the shape of the bottom and high waves, the area is called the “Moroccan Hawaii. The camp can be visited by both beginners and experienced surfers. If you happen to stay here late, you can always stay overnight at a local hostel.

Overnight in the desert

Visitors to Morocco can take an off-road vehicle or camel trip in the desert from Dakhla or Rissani. While in the desert, guests can enjoy the beauty and majesty of the stone and sand expanses.

On their journey, visitors snack on sweet dates in a Bedouin village, take a 38 degree Asmaa spring shower, and spend the night in a traditional nomadic dwelling (Haimat).

A visit to the art center

This is an unexpected side of Morocco. Despite the fact that the country does not fit into the usual understanding of art lovers, works of art worthy of the eyes of connoisseurs abound. The David Bloch Gallery in Marrakech has a lot of masterpieces by sculptors, painters and photographers from all over the world, imbued with extraordinary ideas of creative artists.

If you decide to go on vacation to Morocco, it is better to book a tour to this country in advance.

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