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Turn to the Fun Side! – Cards Against Star Wars

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It is time to spice up your game nights with Jedi Knights! What a perfect way to set up your party, with your friends, than mixing the exciting galactic world of Star Wars with the horrendously funny and bad taste adult board game, Cards Against Humanity. It truly boggles the mind to imagine what those wacky guys have created with this mash-up?!

Remember, they have also given us Disney and Harry Potter themed versions of this game before. Now they focus their laser beam attention to bringing us Cards Against Star Wars. In a galaxy far, far away….the jokes are very inappropriate. You can find the all versions at the official website.

This will guarantee the biggest guffaws and belly laughs as card after card reveals even more lewd, crude and completely rude statements and scenarios in Cards Against Star Wars. It might be hard to imagine those classic George Lucas heroes of Luke Skywalker, Obi-wan Kenobi, Han Solo and Darth Vader and the cutest characters of R2D2, C3PO, BB8 and Jar Jar Binks all falling headlong into wild and risque humor.


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But now that we have all grown up and left our sweet innocence in a box under the bed, haven’t you begun to wonder what was really going on in that famous space opera? Cards Against Star Wars will give you the opportunity to ask or, at least think about, what some of those questions might be?

Did the bathrooms on the Death Star have condom machines? And just how did a Storm Trooper take a bathroom break anyway? Was there a gravity control on the toilet inside the Millenium Falcon? And just what other double-headed gadgets did Darth Maul have?

All these important questions may or may not get answered in Cards Against Star Wars. That will depend on how bent and twisted you and your friends are?

As you can imagine. this is a party game definity not for kids. To avoid those stunned silences and covering your face in embarrassment (not to mention all the questions you will have to answer, “What does that word mean??”) it is best not to invite any of your younger family along. There is an age restriction printed on the side of the box for a reason. Strictly for those 17 years old and above!

Just in case there might be one or two of you out there who have not played this type of game before, here is a quick rundown of Cards Against Star Wars. The cards are separated into question / statement cards and answer cards. Each player takes it in turn to read one question card while the others choose one of their answer cards to complete the phrase. The answer that is the most appropriate / inappropriate / darn right funny wins the round. Generally, the answer that leaves everyone on the floor howling with laughter is usually the winner.

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It only takes a minimum of four players to get a game started though even more than twenty can join in (just depends how big the room is and did you order enough beer and pizza to go round?). Each game takes from 30 to 90 minutes to complete though it might be longer if you spend most of the time in fits of giggles and wiping the tears of laughter from your eyes.

Do not get this version of the adult board game mixed up with the other digital editions. This Cards Against Star Wars is a real physical box with the full set of cards stored inside. This is why this edition retails at a higher price than those others.

Cards Against Star Wars is the perfect addition to any game’s night for you and your like-minded friends (warped that is!). This great game will keep you all in hysterics all night as the hilarious cards keep coming. But make sure you only invite friends who are not offended by some very dubious humor. The level of good taste is firmly set on the lowest rung with Cards Against Star Wars!

So what are you waiting for? It is time to get yourself a set of this great party game and join in the fun and laughs.

It is time to turn to the fun side…

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