Types of Barcode Scanners Available At ASP Microcomputers

Are you searching for the right barcode solution for your business? Are you aware of different types of barcode solutions and barcode scanners? Here at ASP Microcomputers, we take barcodes and related products seriously. 

We offer a wide range of hardware and software solutions targeted at inventory management, asset tracking, supply chain management and various other tracking solutions.

While barcodes were invented as a way to keep track of inventory in grocery stores, they have found a lot more applications over the years and are widely used in a variety of industries. The modern supply chain owes a lot to the barcode scanning technology that has made product indexing and logging extremely easy. 

ASP Microcomputers offer a variety of barcode scanning solutions. In this blog post, we will explore our range of barcode scanners and the factors you should consider before choosing a scanner for your specific requirements.

Types of Barcode Scanners

2D Barcode Scanner and Reader: This is the type of scanner that can be used for reading a variety of barcodes such as one-dimensional barcodes, two-dimensional barcodes and stacked barcodes. These are also capable of scanning QR codes as well as Australia Post 4 state barcodes.

Antimicrobial Barcode Scanner: It is a special scanner with antimicrobial materials that is designed to resist the growth of bacteria, mildew, mould and other harmful microbes. These are specifically designed for use in the healthcare industry and other sensitive environments such as biomedical and pharmaceutical industries. These scanners have a special housing with built in antimicrobial agents.

Bluetooth Scanners: As the name implies, these scanners relay information using Bluetooth technology. There are various industries where wireless barcode scanners have become a necessity. One of the biggest advantages of these scanners is portability. Being portable, these can be moved around to scan codes which helps in increasing process efficiency.

Fixed Mount Scanners: These scanners are fixed at a place which allows hands-free scanning at a high speed. These are typically found in grocery stores as well as in logistics operations where high speed scanning is necessary to keep things going. These are capable of reading both one-dimensional and two-dimensional barcodes.

Handheld Scanners: These are battery powered handheld scanners allowing you both portability and quality. These can be customised to meet your needs.

Tips for Choosing the Right Barcode Scanner

Since there are many different types of barcode scanners, you must be wondering which is the right type for your needs. Here are a few tips to help you make the right choice:

Lighting Conditions: Not many people pay attention to the lighting conditions when choosing a barcode scanner but you really need to as it affects the readability of the device. Make sure it is appropriate for the lighting environment where it is going to be used.

Keyboard: If you need a barcode scanner where users have to type in numbers, make sure you choose a scanner that has ergonomic keys. If users are going to be wearing gloves when using the scanner, make sure the scanner has bigger keys that allows users to type digits without any issues.

Type of Barcodes: Needless to say, you need a scanner that is capable of reading the type of barcode that needs to be scanned. Ideally, you should choose a scanner that is capable of reading a huge variety of barcodes including both one-dimensional and two-dimensional codes.

Special Needs: If the scanner is going to be used in the healthcare industry or in a sensitive environment, opt for a scanner with antimicrobial coating. Similarly, if the scanner is going to be used in an environment full of dust, you would want to have a scanner with a high ingress protection (IP) rating.

Final Thoughts

Overall, there are many different types of barcodes and barcode scanners. You need to choose the right type of scanner for your business needs. ASP Microcomputers carries a wide range of scanners for various industries. If you are not sure about the right barcode scanning solution for your business, our experts will be happy to help you make the right choice.

We offer inventory management solutions, supply chain management solutions as well as various other tracking solutions for use in different industries. We have been trading for more than 4 decades and supply products and solutions worldwide. 

Give us a call at 1800 061 642 to know more about our barcode scanning solutions.

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