A 21st century Christian needs to consume Godly content daily. The internet and technological devices are the major landmarks of the times we live in. It is not unwise to utilize the opportunities that God has blessed us with. More so, today’s work culture has pulled us off our daily lives to the internet for a large part of the day, so we cannot avoid coming in contact with our phones, tabs, and laptops.

As Christians, guarding our eye and mind gate is important, but the internet is filled with corrupt images and write-ups that will take us far away from God, increase our stress levels, or generally add no value to our being. Fortunately, there are a lot of accessible Christian websites that talk about God and generally point to Him. Some focus on scriptures, others mainly on prayers but shuffling between a lot in search of one thing is counterproductive. 

There are certain factors to look out for for a one-stop website that meets the daily needs of a well-rounded Christian.


  1. GODLY CONTENT: This is a very obvious criterion. A Christian website has to have a building series of content that is befitting for the mind of a Christian. These contents are meant to generally point people to God, meet the needs of a normal Christian and offer pieces of advice based on the word of God. Reading the contents, watching the videos, listening to the podcasts or music that are put up should enlighten the Spirit of a believer and bring forth hope, the hope that Christianity preaches.
  2. SCRIPTURES: A Christian website without the word of God is not a Christian website. Scriptures help us come in contact with the mind of God. Different versions of verses in the Bible are recommended to broaden the knowledge of a reader.
  3. PRAYERS: The appropriate put-together words for communication to God are required to help people say the right words to God. If a website is without a prompt for personal communication with God, the aim is defeated. A good Christian website is meant to point a person to God and prayer is the most important way.

In the light of this, a review was conducted on numerous Christian websites using different criterias and standards, and we concluded that is the best Christian website for 2022. Read through to get adequate information on the website for your use.

WHAT IS THE BEST DAILY PRAYER WEBSITE? is a Christian platform that is aimed at helping community members and visitors as well to connect with God. The website provides scriptural perspective on day-to-day issues and guided prayers for any Christian at different stages in their walk with The Lord. 

Without further review, these two features ascertain the Best Daily Prayer website as a good website for Christians, but that is not all. They do not only check all our boxes but surpass our expectations by the raw openness of the site operators. Currently, a pastor, site editor, and author serve on the platform. All are normal people striving to reach God with the use of technology that we are bombarded with. Coming from the place of Godly love, the website was birthed to help other Christians use technology to reach out to God. Speaking of technology, they offer extensive reviews on various prayer apps to help their users find one that suits their needs.


– Godly contents are available in its numbers on the website on various issues and ways to overcome based on what the scriptures preach. More still, with a pastor on the operating team, the accuracy kg advise is assured.

– Scriptural views (with different versions) on love, loss, protection, and common topics.

– Words of prayers that will help you communicate your feelings and thoughts to God in the most accurate manner.

– There are reviews on up to 28 prayer apps that will deepen your connection to Jesus and information about them to help you make the best decision on the prayer app to choose.

– A budding online community where real stories of Christians all around the world will be shared for upliftment, motivation, and connection to others who share the same faith.

In addition to everything stated above,

–  The contact address of the operating venue is clearly stated on the website as well as an email to reach out to them for prayers and encouragement in times of trouble.

– An opportunity to support the work of God through donation but with or without your donation, you can still access the website for current for your consumption. In short, it is a choice to donate.

– Affiliate links are on the app as seen in many other Christian websites. They get a commission if you purchase through their links, but this is only one of the ways they fund the day-to-day activities of the website.


Click here to access the website’s home page. There, they offer sections on different prayers, valuable that will uplift, inspire and encourage you to become a better person, love God and pray more. Again, reviews are clearly made available with their criteria for reviewing the prayer applications. The website is very user-friendly and easy to use. Worship better as you gain insights on who God is, His love, and Jesus. Get into the habit of praying, with very easy to use templates and straight-out words of prayer. Simply on your desired content and dive into God’s word to relieve your mind off the daily stress.


Best Daily Prayer is definitely worth your time and attention. The service and sacrifice of time and resources to help an ordinary Christian meet the need for connection to the Father is boldly made visible through the quality of content and accuracy of their alignment with the scriptures. Online Christian community and prayer app reviews are needed perks in our world today, and this website is sure to provide this. Do make sure to give this Best Daily Prayer a try.

Christopher Stern

Christopher Stern is a Washington-based reporter. Chris spent many years covering tech policy as a business reporter for renowned publications. He has extensive experience covering Congress, the Federal Communications Commission, and the Federal Trade Commissions. He is a graduate of Middlebury College. Email:[email protected]

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