Unexplored Places to Visit in Chennai

Chennai is one of those Indian cities with numerous sightseeing attractions that can impress sightseers of all ages. While you might get short of time while touring and exploring Chennai, this magical city will never get short of sightseeing locations to delight you. 

Furthermore, Chennai is home to numerous religious, cultural, and gothic beliefs and tales, making this place a well-known hot spot for travelers. This captivating city also has some hidden gems attracting truth-seeking and intrigued travelers worldwide that you can explore via hiring a car rental in Chennai for a more delightful experience. 

Top hidden gems of Chennai 

Here are some offbeat sightseeing locations in Chennai that will unquestionably make you fall in love with them.

  • The Hiding Caves of Little Mount

The mesmerizing hiding caves of little mount caves portray rustic natural beauty and unmatched serenity. This heaven-like hidden gem holds a famous tale that one of the 12 adherents of Jesus, St. Thomas, resided in these caves. 

Locals usually gather here to offer prayers, and they believe there are foot-imprints of the Saint inside these quaint caves and a water spring considered to be built by St. Thomas.  

  • Armenian Church

Chennai had a district of Armenian traders who resided here and built a church in the 17th century. This site oozes Armenian architecture and is also one of the ancient churches in Chennai. It is a significant heritage place, and this church presents information regarding the Armenians in the city, their publications, and a cemetery.

  • Nagalapuram

From extended trekking trails to picturesque waterfalls, Nagalapuram is a hidden lover’s paradise in Chennai. Thus, if you wish to lose yourself to the tranquil sounds of the stream rushing along the 15-km-long route, this is the place to be. 

Situated in the Eastern Ghats, Nagalapuram is unquestionably an oasis of tranquility, and you can expect the site to be utterly verdant and alive with birds tweeting.

  • Thirusulam Hills and the Hidden Lake

Located a few kilometers from the Chennai airport, the expansive lake is encircled by the Thirusulam Hills. The mountainous landscape of this area acts as a wonderful place for people who would like to trek to reach the scenic lake through the hills. Moreover, to enjoy the panoramic views of the surroundings from the most elevated point in the city, head straight to the Thirusulam Hills.

  • Pichavaram Mangrove Forest

The Pichavaram mangrove forest, located between the Kollidam and Vellar rivers, is the second-largest mangrove woodland in India after Sunderbans. In addition, this area is incredibly verdant and full of wildlife, so it is better to take your camera along and click some aesthetic pictures for your Instagram feed. 

Moreover, to enter the lush jungle, you must reach the Pichavaram village, where ferries and boats are available to carry you through the mangroves on narrow trenches.

  • De Monte Colony

Now an abandoned colony of tattered identical bungalows, numerous stories are linked with this place that will make you shudder. The most famous folklore remains associated with John De Monte, the colony’s landlord in the 19th century. 

According to these tales, De Monte lived a troubled life, given his wife’s deteriorating mental health, and the couple also lost their son quite early in life, which effected De Monte greatly. Soon after his demise, the strange events and ghost-sightings have rendered this place to be believed unlucky and unfortunate.

Excited about visiting these hidden gems in Chennai? Take a short but rejuvenating break from the chaos of urban life and visit any of these offbeat places by flying to the city and reaching your destination via a Chennai airport taxi.

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