Valorant Players Want the Next Agent to Be Inspired By Counter-Strike 2

Counter-Strike 2 has introduced a new smoke dynamic that Valorant players want to see in the next agent. Will Riot comply with this request?

Riot’s FPS has been doing well in gaming as more agents and maps are added to every act. The game has seen a steady increase in players with Valorant accounts since its release in 2020. While the Riot FPS has been actively competing with Counter-Strike, some fans are interested in getting a new agent inspired by CS2. 

Fans Want a New Valorant Agent with Key CS 2’s Features as an Ability

The introduction of the new Counter-Strike 2 has piqued the interest of many gamers, including Valorant fans. CS 2 has introduced a new in-game mechanic related to their updated smoke mechanism. This new feature has caught players’ attention with Valorant accounts, and they want to see it incorporated into the next agent. You can know more about it from 엘리트.com

CS 2’s smoke mechanism reacts dynamically to lighting and bullet penetration. The most notable integration in the upcoming Valve rework is how shooting bullets or firing utility nades into the fog can clear the smoke. This interaction provides players new ways to strategize around their utilities to catch enemies off-guard.

This dynamic smoke could be incorporated into the next Valorant agent. Fans now want a character that can clear out fog, which would be a game-changer. Knowing that someone can remove your strategic vision blocks will cause them to alter their tactics significantly. The closest agent to shut down smokes is KAY/0, who can prevent players from using their skills. 

Integrating such a mechanic directly inspired by a CS 2 feature might become a significant point of comparison between the two games. Valorant has mainly been different from CS because it capitalizes on agents with abilities rather than the latter’s raw gunplay and usage of utilities. However, a smoke removal agent is an exciting thing to add. 

Valorant Versus CS:GO

Valorant is seen as the first FPS to challenge CS: GO as the king of the genre. While both games emphasize tactical gunplay and precise aiming, how you set up, engagements makes the Riot first-person shooter unique. Instead of using utility items like flashbangs and smoke grenades, Valorant relies on its agents’ abilities to set up various strategies. 

Valorant gives more importance to team composition as various agents have different toolkits to help their team. CS: GO, conversely, doesn’t consider this aspect since everyone has access to the same equipment and utilities. This fact is the main reason why people cannot just outright compare Valorant to CS. 

Latest Valorant Agents

While fans are clamoring for an agent with smoke-removal abilities, potential characters would only be coming for a while. Riot has just released the latest Radiant named Gekko, the newest Initiator of the game. The US-based agent with Hispanic roots is another powerhouse who can clear out sites with the help of his companions. 

The previous agents released in the game were Gekko, Fade, and Neon. Since the last three were Initiators and a Duelist, it would indicate that the next character will be a Controller. This class is designated as the team smoker to cover their team or block enemy vision. However, the next agent being a Controller is not guaranteed since Riot will decide on the field of the agent depending on the meta or necessity.

When Will the Next Agent Come Out?

New agents usually come out every Episode, and since we just got Gekko for Ep 6: Revelation, the next one will be released during the 7th. Every Episode has three Acts, each lasting for almost two months. The third part of Revelation is estimated to drop in mid-April, indicating that it would end around June. The next Episode could come out during that time. 

In the meantime, players should enjoy Act II with the release of Gekko and a new battlepass. There are also new cool Valorant skins in the item shop, which include the excellent Altitude bundle. There is also news of a Gaia 2.0 and an Elderflame 2.0. Stop by the in-game store to see which collections are up for grabs.

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