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Verizon Free Message Scam How Does the Verizon Free Message Scam Look?

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The guide offers details on the brand new Verizon Free SMS Scam which is targeting a lot of users in America.

Scammers target mobile users throughout in the United States via fraudulent emails and text messages. Verizon is the most well-known cell phone network in America and has millions of customers across the country.

Scammers are trying to swindle Verizon customers by sending fake text messages that claim to give them an incentive and free gift in exchange for poor and weak signals in the last month. Similar text messages are sent out to users who claim that they will receive rewards for the payment of their last month’s charges.

The users are concerned and would like to learn more regarding The Verizon free message scam.

What is Verizon Message Scam?

Verizon messages scam the latest scam that is circulating through text messages and causing problems for numerous Verizon customers throughout all across the United States. Scammers are sending fake text messages to customers on the Verizon network throughout the United States.

The message contains the name of the person who received it and an untrustworthy hyperlink. The message claims to give the recipient free gifts and rewards in exchange for signal strength of the network, which is weak and weak in the month of September 2021.

Similar messages of scam are sent to customers, soliciting them to click the link that appears suspicious to provide their information and claim reward points for the last bill payment.

How Does the Verizon Free Message Scam Look?

The fake texts appear to be from trusted network providers such as Verizon. It addresses the recipient by their names, and is the result of leaks of details of the users. The message is also made to appear genuine.

The message reads “Verizon Free message: Sorry about the Signal Issues of 15th September “Recipient Name!” Here’s is Little Compensation for you. The message contains a questionable link at the bottom, and the user is asked to click on the link to claim their rewards and other gifts.

But, they should not follow or click any link provided by this scam. Verizon Free Scam Message. The message is sent with an unidentified telephone number “1860-996-2595.”

It says “Thanks for your Payment” Thank you for your payment. Please accept the special rebate of $200 by clicking the link below.

What Has Verizon Done to Aware Users?

Verizon has been alerted to a new scam phishing text message targeted at the loyal Verizon customers. The text message enticing scammers entices the users and then redirects them to third-party websites to get their information or to inject viruses into their systems.

Verizon does not send any email or text messages requesting information about your personal details or accounts information. Therefore, if a customer receives an email to their mobile, they must not respond to it and delete the message. Verizon free Message Fraud and remove the message. Below are a few important actions that Verizon will require their customer to follow.

  • Do not respond to emails or text messages from scammers.
  • Do not click on random URLs.
  • Avoid opening or clicking on attachments.
  • Don’t divulge any personal or data information on a website belonging to a third party.


Text scams that are phishing have become well-known and are targeting loyal customers on mobile networks. Verizon customers are complaining about the fraudulent text messages which claim that they will reward poor signal quality. But, there’s no confirmed by Verizon about the reward program that is free for signals that are not good.

Therefore, consumers must avoid this Verizon Free Message Scam. Also, you should learn regarding the best way to guard yourself from scams.

Are you an Verizon customer and have received text messages from a scammer? Please note in the comments section what steps you’ve taken to report the scam.

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