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Virgin River Will Get Season 3 On Netflix – Learn All

The wait for the new Virgin River season seemed like an eternity, but in reality it came to Netflix, just a year after the first. Now, fans are already looking to know what will happen in the third season and when exactly, it will be made available. Here is everything we already know about the future of the series.

Will Virgin River Win Season 3?

Netflix has officially confirmed that the series is already renewed for Season 3 . In addition, the service itself has already included a page about Virgin River’s new year in the catalog. Despite the announcement, it was already known that the series was renewed.

Thus, the production is now part of a select group of original productions. In fact, there were few series that were renewed in advance. Among them, The Witcher and The Umbrella Academy.

Premiere Date: What Day Will The Virgin River Season 3 Come Out?

Despite the large number of uncertainties due to Covid-19, it is likely that we will see the third season of Virgin River arriving in late 2021. The reason is that, according to some portals, the recordings of the season have already taken place between August and November 2020 .

The second season was also filmed in the same period. In addition, a Twitter user stated that warnings were being spread around the Cleveland Dam area. This is the area where the series is recorded.

Plot: What Will Happen?

In season 2, Mel returns to Virgin River to complete the rest of her contract with Doc. Due to her medical experience, she accepts Charmaine as a patient, as the hairdresser suffers from hyperemesis gravidarum (HG), which complicates her pregnancy. Throughout the series, there is tension between Jack, Mel and Charmaine, making up a significant part of the plot.

In addition, a horrible person from Paige’s past arrives at Virgin River, threatening the safety of Paige and her son. Jamie offers Preacher the opportunity to work at a sophisticated restaurant in San Francisco. Brady joins Calvin, the local drug dealer, to make more money. The romantic tensions between Hope and Doc are also discussed.

We think the third season will focus more on Jack and Mel, especially after the end. However, it looks like a tragedy will befall Doc, who mentions that he had visited a doctor before being interrupted by a surprise party. In either case, the plot will likely continue to look at the interpersonal relationships between all the characters and to paint a beautiful story.


Alexandra Breckenridge plays Melinda “Mel” Monroe, the nurse who moves to Virgin River to deal with her husband’s death. Martin Henderson is his friend, Jack, who also becomes his subsequent love interest. He is a veterinarian and owner of a bar in the city. Colin Lawrence is the Preacher, Jack’s friend who works as a chef at the bar. He is also a veterinarian. Lauren Hammersley plays Jack’s friend Charmaine with benefits that ends up carrying her twins.

Annette O’Toole is seen as the mayor, Hope McCrea, while Tim Matheson appears as Hope’s husband and also Mel’s employer, Vernon “Doc” Mullins. Benjamin Hollingsworth brings Dan Brady to life, a veteran who is having a hard time establishing himself as a civilian. Lexa Doig plays Paige, the owner of a bakery truck. If the series is renewed for a third season, we can expect these actors to reprise their roles.

The First Two Seasons Of Virgin River Are On Netflix.

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