Wagon Wheel Scam | How Does the Scam Work?

Local establishments in the United States has said that they believe that many employees of restaurants used their Wagon Wheel Method to steal cash from businesses over the last three months. The incident was reported on September 20, 2021 and the police in the area arrested four people under various sections.

The restaurant states that four employees of the restaurant have been making use of the industry-wide fraud to steal cash from the company over the course of three months. The scam is known in the form of The Wagon Wheel Scam. Continue reading to find out more about the scam as well as those who are involved in the fraud.

What is the Wagon Wheel Method?

It is known as the wheel Wheel scheme is a traditional method used to commit frauds and frauds. If a client places an order for food, the waiter arrives to take the order and they don’t just serve the food but can also offer a milkshake complimentary.

When customers get their bill, they choose to withdraw cash or use a card to pay for the bill. However, prior to making the payment, the server is clever and opens a brand new bill , and then transfer the price of the milkshake on the original bill to another and closes the server . get the price for the drink. Also read about Keto Strong diet!

Who Are Involved in the Wagon Wheel Scam?

After conducting an investigation, we have discovered specifics of the four individuals that are suspected of being behind the fraud. According to the sources of the four employees who are part of fraud are

  • Katarina Zirdum, 31, Cape May
  • Bojan Balaban, 28, Seattle
  • Ana Galesic, 34, Cape May
  • Verginia Gheorghita, 27, Miami

The employees are from the restaurant in the city that are accused of conspiring and also for the crime of thescam. According to detectives as well as local policeofficers, these individuals are the ones who have committed an act known as the Wagon Wheel Scam to steal a sum of $25,000 over three months.

How Does the Scam Work?

The wagon Wheel scam is a scam that is used frequently in the world of the hotel industry. It involves shifting the complimentary meals servers are accountable to pay, spreading them out various invoices, and then stealing the cost of the meal without the knowledge of the restaurant’s proprietor.

Following the investigation, police officers and Cape May Police Department found the above mentioned employees guilty, and that they were involved in this Wheel Scam. Wheel Scam by creating ghost checks.

The scammers were indicted for 2C:20-3a (third degree crime) and conspiracy for Theft 2C:5-2A (1) as well as other charges.

How to Prevent the Wagon Wheel Method?

Restaurants are required to implement strategies to track and eliminate the practices and strategies that are usually not noticed. Data analytics is a platform that helps identify profitable behavior by applying sophisticated analytics on sources of data to collect information and inform restaurant owners about any suspicious activities.

Restaurant owners should also be aware of the best practices regarding what to do in order to guard yourself from scams.


The Wagon Wheel scam targets a large number of restaurant patrons as well as others who are loyal clients. Therefore, the restaurant’s city owner discovered the fraud after identifying the profits-making behavior of a few employees. After the incident was reported by the authorities, they investigated and discovered four employees who had been involved in the fraud and were was charged under different sections.

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