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Water game hunt

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The most representative hunt for the hunt for water game remains the hunt for evening past or the lifting of ponds but we also find hunting hut as it is called in the North, at Gabion à l ‘West and tonne in the south of France. Past hunting is to wait for sunset so that ducks can set in motion and attract them thanks to shapes, appellants or even thanks to duck calls or limits for limits.

The lifting of ponds consists in surrounding a pond and taking the ducks placed on it so that the shooters can shoot them in flight, it is a very developed hunting mode in Sologne.

Hunting with hut or gabion is to harness ducks on the fed up in order to attract other wild ducks at night and to draw them only at the posed. It’s a hunt for patience and luck, because you have to try to guess when the wild ducks will migrate towards the hottest countries. To hunt a hut, you also need suitable equipment, with a tested rifle steel balls, steel ball cartridges, the strawberry rifle carcass in order to install a bezel or half a nickname for pull the night at the posed. It is also necessary to bring good binoculars of huts to observe if a duck has landed during the night or to be able to identify it, or have twins of night or thermal vision. But above all, we have to raise these ducks where we find, at the base, the culvert ducks with different types of song but also savvagin or geese.

Boot hunting is a highly practiced hunt in the big marshes like the Camargue or even along the Loire, in all coastal marshes. This hunt is to walk in the marshes in order to take a quicketing to the stop of your dog or even a sarcelle or a collavert along a river. For this hunt, there is nothing special if it is not to have a good pair of boots, thigh boots or waders in order to stay dry in a wet environment.

The Best calibers for water game hunt are 243 ammo from Winchester, 22-250 ammo from Remington loaded in 6.5 PRC Brass case from Lapua.

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