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Ways To Transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android

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With the rapid technological advancement, switching phones has led to WhatsApp iPhone to Android, becoming one of the most common needs of people from every sector. Whether it’s business, family, friend, or colleague, you can connect to anyone, anytime, anywhere, with WhatsApp on your phone. No doubt why people are becoming so concerned about how to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android when switching from one phone to another.

WhatsApp – A Part of Human Life!

The need to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android is so evident from the large-scale revenue earned by this software application company. No one can ever make the mistake of not doing WhatsApp backup for iPhone to Android. The latest stats show that WhatsApp is one of the leading revenue-generating platforms in this digitized world, with billions of users from around the world. With the rapidly increasing users on this multi-functional platform, the question of how to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android has also become a common query among users. No worries, as this article bring you the best ways to resolve this issue most easily and simply.

Transferring WhatsApp From iPhone To Android – The Official Method

Do you want to know how to transfer WhatsApp data from iPhone to Android? The latest WhatsApp feature will help you transfer all your messages, photos, documents and various other things from your old device to another. This new feature will transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android with the help of a physical lightning USB-C cable. This means, you don’t have to send your WhatsApp data from the internet.

On the other hand, this particular feature will work perfectly on the latest Samsung models, such as the Galaxy Flip 3 and Galaxy Z Fold 3 along with iOS devices as well. Apart from that, the transfer WhatsApp messages from iPhone to Android option, the feature can now transfer the chat histories, which was not possible to transfer in the past.

Also, if you have move WhatsApp from iPhone to Android in the past and also have two separate cloud backups, this brand-new feature will not merge those two cloud backups in one single chat history.

Why The Official Method Is Not Sufficient

Although the official method has brought great news for users, it’s not quite sure whether it would be available for every single user. As stated by whatsApp, the feature would be available predominantly for Galaxy model owners. Quite naturally, it seems like other phone users won’t be able to access the feature. It’s here that they would face a problem and the solution they need can be provided by Mobile Trans.

Step-By-Step Guide To Transfer WhatsApp From iPhone To Android With MobileTrans-WhatsApp Transfer

With the increasing curiosity of people on how to transfer WhatsApp chats from iPhone to Android, I’ll bring you the amazing answer to that – MobileTrans from Wondershare. This easily available and free-to-access software program enables you to transfer WhatsApp from iOS to Android, including your chats, contacts, videos, audios, recordings, documents, etc. Below are the steps to use this application software:

Step 1: Downloading The Program

Go to the official website of MobileTrans and download the original version. Launch the software program and go to click the ‘WhatsApp Transfer’ option.

Step 2: Connecting The Devices

To transfer WhatsApp data from iPhone to Android, connect both the devices on your laptop or computer. Now, to transfer the messages stored in WhatsApp backup from iPhone to Android device, ensure the program gets access to both devices.

Step 3: Selecting The Data

You will get a prompt to select the precise data that you want to move. Precisely, transfer WhatsApp chats from iPhone to Android device including the exact number of contacts, audios, chats, documents, images, videos, etc., stored as data.

Step 4: Finishing The Transfer

Click on ‘Start’ followed by ‘yes’ to finish transferring WhatsApp from iOS to Android device. MobileTrans will analyze the data, migrate and convert them to make them recognizable for your Android WhatsApp app. Install the chat backups.

Benefits of Using MobileTrans WhatsApp Transfer

Now that you have a concise understanding of how to transfer WhatsApp messages from iPhone to Android with the help of MobileTrans, you must know more about this software program run by an active technical tea of experts who give solutions to the users for any query.

●       This software program is free to download.

●       It is compatible with all operating systems and all devices.

●       Easy to locate, download, and install.

●       A simple and portable USB cable is all you need to do the transfer.

●       It ensures optimal safety of data with a data encryption policy and advanced safety protection.

Closing Words

MobileTrans is a reliable, safe, and efficient software program that allows you to transfer WhatsApp data from one operating system to another in the simplest and easiest steps. This free program is all you need to enjoy the fastest and seamless WhatsApp transfer experience ever.

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