How a Website Developer Can Improve Ecommerce Website

Most of us have had an awful experience with an e-commerce store before. It’s hard to find exactly what we need, and when we do, it takes forever to load. Or worse yet, the products aren’t as pictured or described. This is where website developers come in! A good developer can help your site be more user friendly and increase conversion rates by implementing some strategies. How long does it take to build a website? It could take up to five or six months to create a deploy a great website. You can hire a professional web development agency or follow the DIY route to create a website yourself.

But before we start, let’s look at the website developers.

Types of website developers

• Front end website developers

The first type of website developer is front end developers. Front-end web designers focus on the look, feel, and usability of your site’s front-end (the part visitors interact with).

• Back end website developers

The second type is the back end developer. They work behind the scenes to ensure everything runs smoothly by building databases, backend architecture, and functionality like user input forms or email notifications.  

• Full-stack website developer

The last type is a full stack developer. Full-stack developers have deep knowledge about both front and back end technologies, allowing them to work on all website components.

How a website developer can improve your eCommerce website

Now that we know the different website developers, let’s look at how they can improve your eCommerce site, especially if you are in Los Angeles.

1. Optimize your product imagery

A web development company, Los Angeles, can improve your eCommerce site by optimizing product imagery. Preview images are crucial for consumers to make an informed purchase decision, so try to give them as much information as possible on the product they’re looking into buying.

For example, if you have a t-shirt in multiple colors and sizes, show each of those variations with their model wearing the clothes themselves!

For technicalities, there’s no reason mobile users should see smaller versions than desktop visitors – or vice versa – so always remember to use responsive image sizing techniques when displaying these previews across all devices.

2. Enable your customers to find what they need quickly

Think of your e-commerce website as a store.

Your customers are walking in and checking out the merchandise, but they need to know where each product is within its respective section – just like walking around an actual shop.

Using clear navigation menus with subcategories with accurate titles will help them find what they’re looking for quickly and easily every time!

For example, if you sell clothes, then having “t-shirts”, “jumpers” and “hoodies” categories might be helpful to some people, whereas others could prefer separating by color or size instead. Finding creative ways to group similar products improves user experience dramatically, so always keep this in mind when creating these menu structures! Customers can also become overwhelmed if there are too many options that they have to wade through, so try not to confuse them by adding in unnecessary categories.

3. Ensure your product information is accurate

The website developer, Los Angeles, should not make any errors when writing your product descriptions or displaying them on the product pages. Customers are looking for high-quality information that is full of relevant details to help them paint a better picture in their mind about what they’re thinking of buying, so providing this means you’ll have more people reaching the “checkout” stage rather than dropping out because of confusion.

You can hire writers to create this content for you or use a post-editor to clean up written pieces.

4. Include customer quotes

Customer testimonials are an essential part of your eCommerce website. Getting customers to say how they feel about the products will help convince other potential buyers that it’s a worthwhile purchase. Therefore, customer quotes need to be displayed prominently on product pages and throughout various places of the site where possible so that recent visitors coming across them for the first time won’t miss their importance.

You can also use video reviews instead if there isn’t room for multiple images/quotes from different customers or when content was written in older formats such as print magazines. Still, either way, ensure these elements stand out visually by adding some color contrasts or contrasting white space around them with complementary imagery nearby.

5. Build dynamic page designs that use a mixture of content blocks

Dynamic page designs are an effective way to increase conversions because they can be adapted to use different content blocks depending on the device being used by the visitor, their location or sometimes just what’s trending.

For example, news sites often have feeds of updates showing recent stories, and these will change over time so that visitors coming back to the site later will see something new. This is an excellent conversion technique for eCommerce stores, too, which want to keep customers engaged with fresh content – whether special offers or similar products from your store, etc. Still, you should also note that creating dynamic pages takes more effort than simply duplicating static ones!

6. Create a clear conversion path

Creating a clear conversion path for your visitors is vital. This means including the information they need to know before buying, having all the purchase options available and taking payment in one easy step!

A common issue with eCommerce websites is that people will browse around pages. If they can’t find their chosen product by filtering or searching, this could make them leave rather than continue browsing at another time. Your website should offer an intuitive navigation system, so it’s simple to find what you’re looking for; maybe include category links on each section’s menu bar or even subcategories within long lists of products?

7. Offer a variety of customer service functionalities

The top eCommerce sites will offer a variety of customer service features to ensure customers feel supported and can make the most out of their experience. A live chat feature is a perfect way to talk in real-time with your clients, whether they have questions about products or want general advice.

It’s also great for increasing sales. If you don’t already use one, try adding an FAQ section that lists common queries and concerns so people can quickly find what they’re looking for.

8. Optimize for different devices

The internet is awash with devices of all shapes, sizes and capabilities. Websites need to be built for each device to make the most out of them – they should work seamlessly across PCs, smartphones and tablets with no glitches or bugs.

Optimizing your site for different devices is vital if you want an eCommerce website accessible from anywhere. Not sure how? Get in touch with web developers in Los Angeles who can help identify what needs doing and sort it out quickly!

9. Ensure branding is consistent

A great website isn’t just about function – it’s also about looking fantastic. Your brand is your identity, and the site should reflect that in every aspect possible.

Ensuring branding consistency will help to give your eCommerce site a unique look that resonates with customers and enables you to establish yourself as an authority figure in your field of work/industry.

10. Ask for customer feedback

Keeping your customers happy is always a priority. The best way to build trust with potential clients and encourage them to make repeat purchases is by getting the opinion of current ones.

A quick survey asking for feedback can help you identify ways to improve or refine each section of your site, giving it better function and making it more appealing overall!


If you are looking for a web development agency in Los Angeles that can help improve your eCommerce site, Endertech is the company to call. We have helped many businesses in this industry with our custom web design and development services. Contact us today if you want more information about how we can help grow your business online!

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