What makes WeTest PerfDog different?

With the increasing demand for high-quality applications and better digital experience, global enterprises are considering investing in effective application testing and improving the user experience of their applications. As a quality open platform, WeTest is the official one-stop test service platform for game developers. Its quality standards are formulated by testing hundreds of thousands of games, and the first 1000 popular models covering 80% of the world’s users are used. It helps developers solve QA problems and creates the best experience for users. In this article, we want to discuss the key features that make WeTest PerfDog different.

Full mobile platform

WeTest PerfDog allows you to easily test the performance of any application, game or website. It supports various systems (Android/iOS) and various devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, watches, Android emulators, downloadable Windows and Mac versions. In addition, Android has no root and iOS has no jailbreak

Application universality

PerfDog supports various applications, games, mini programs, mini games, H5, websites, etc. There is no need to install and plug and play, which reduces the cumbersome test obstacles, because the examiner can focus on the progress of testing and analysis.

Data accuracy

PergDog provides data about screenshots, FPS, Jank, FTime, CPU, GPU, memory, battery, network, CTime, etc. These data may be easily obtained. The impact on CPU performance is less than 1%, and there is no impact on FPS performance, which ensures the accuracy of performance data. By using WeTest PerfDog to access real-time performance data and troubleshoot problems, you can effectively improve the application user experience.

Cloud-based dashboards

PerfDog can store, visualize, edit, manage and download data. No matter where and when your team is, you can set tasks and invite team members to join them. The tool also supports sharing and reviewing the completion of team tasks to form an effective team work mode. You can share and view the progress of tasks.

With the increasing number of competitors in the market, WeTest PerfDog always ensures that it updates and modifies its platform to help application developers and game developers around the world improve their quality.

To ensure that your application performs well in the real environment, try WeTest PerfDog for performance testing.

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