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This article about the Video Chacina Sinop will give you the aftermath and details about this case.

Two men lost pool games and killed seven people, including a 12-year-old girl. The incident was spotted all over the world.

What happened to these people? What is the reason they were killed? Why did they get killed? This viral incident is being sought out by people in Brazil and, as well as in United States. To learn more about Video Chacina Sinop, read this entire post.

What’s in the viral content?

Edgar Ricardo and esequias Socha are accused of murdering some people at a pool party following a loss of party games. After running away from their home, Edgar Ricardo approached the police on his own and surrendered to them. In Viral on Reddit video footage, you can see that Esequias approaches people with a gun and Edgar follows him with his shotgun. Both men can be seen shooting at victims at the pool party.

Police investigate and discover that Oliveira was a participant in a fun game where he lost all his money. After losing the game, the culprit paid around 4,000 reais. He lost his ego and challenged the man to play again in the hopes of winning the game. Unfortunately, he lost again.

Viral on Insta Who were the victims?

People began to make fun of him losing the game after he lost it. They felt embarrassed and decided to kill all those present, including Larissa Frasao De Almeida, a minor girl.

In that case, many innocent people are killed by gunshots. You may not know their identities. Police have now revealed the names of the victims, including Josue Pereira, Adriano and Larissa Frasao De Almeida’s Orisberto Pereira and Josue. All the victims were killed at the first shot. Elizeu, however, survived the shotgun but was not able to leave until the locals brought her to the hospital. The CCTV footage shows that the suspects stole the cash and change from the top of the tables.

The police stated that the suspects did not see whether the victim was in the game, but they cold shot heartlessly. To see more information about viral Telegram video, you can visit the link.

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CCTV footage is the final part of the article. It shows two people doing cold shooting in open areas without mercy. To learn more about , click the link.

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