Whale Game NFT Benyamin Idea For the Game

Did you play cryptocurrency-based games? Whale Game is a new NFT game launched on Oct. 4. by Decentraland. Decentraland group of programmers. The game of crypto gaming is growing in popularity, but it is a minor phenomenon in the world of the world of crypto.

The game is based on the capabilities of the real-world collectible games of luck, but with Blockchain-based transparency and innovation. The game is popular in America, United States, players are enthusiastic about the NFT game. Continue reading to find out more about the Whale Game NFT.

What is Whale Game?

It’s a decentralized EOS-based game that is based in the Ethereum smart contract. In this game, players utilize their tokens to wager on the fluctuation of ETH and EOS to earn tokens. Additionally, you are able to freely develop your games. Each game has a value of 100 WHALES for each round.

Players from those from the United States can purchase, sell and trade NFTs with other players on the market. All transactions are conducted through smart contracts that are made public and allow players to review their transactions. This guarantees that all transactions are transparent, verifiable and untrustworthy.

About Whale Game NFT Founder

If you’ve been around the crypto industry for some time, you’ve likely been aware of Benyamin Ahmed. The founder and CEO of Whale game was among the first people to create Non-Future Tokens (NFTs).

Benyamin Idea For the Game

Benyamin came up an idea for the project around one year ago, when the idea of what he could do to earn steady income through the creation of distinct digital asset that wasn’t restricted to ICOs or cryptocurrency trading that he’d participated in up until the point. He also created some collectibles for himself with his ERC-721 smart contract.

How to get Profit by Whale Game?

The purpose for Whale Game NFT Whale Game is to make the maximum value from your whale. You can accomplish this in two ways:

1.) Buy/Sell NFTs OpenSea as well as within the Whale NFT game. When you sell your whales you could earn ETHs as a reward.

2.) You can send your whales to another player through the Whale NFT game. In this scenario there is no have to keep the whale for an extended time(only for a day). You can reach out to any participant in Our Whale NFT game , and ask that he take your whale. If he agrees, you lose your whale and he will take it instead of you.

In this instance the players both be rewarded points based on the amount that they play in the the Whale Gameafter the transaction has taken place. Each whale is distinctive and was hand-crafted created by Ahmed himself. Whales also permit us to form our tribes. These tribes can be used as clans to play with.

Final Verdict

is an NFT collection that can be sold for up to 400K per whale. The NFTs are distinctive because they integrate an Ethereum public ledger as a game mechanics. Since these NFTs can be made and tracked on the blockchain.

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