What are some of the vehicular accident injury claims that you can make?

When it comes to accident injury claims, it is essential first to evaluate whether the accident has been caused by a vehicle or by some other cause. A judge will evaluate a construction injury claim differently compared to a Car Accident Claim. On an average car accident, the average settlement that you can expect will be around $15000. But you will need an experienced attorney to represent you and negotiate on your behalf. Depending on the accident that you have been involved in, the claims and the benefits will change. Some of the common vehicular accidents that are liable to receive accident injury claims are as follows:

  • If you are involved in a Bus Accident

When you are involved in a bus accident, it is likely to be a traumatic experience. Other than the physical injury you will suffer from a severe accident; there is potential mental trauma. When you hire an bus accident attorney, like the ones from Louis Law Group to represent you, they will tell you that your claims should cover your medical bills and the mental trauma you have undergone and more. In addition, if your injuries are severe and you have to undergo physical therapy, then you have the right to claim coverage for all of these. In other words, if you are a victim of a bus accident, then you can claim complete coverage of your medical bills, operation, post-operative care, and physical therapy.

  • If you are involved in a Car Accident

When you hire a Car Accident Lawyer from Louis Law Group in Fort Lauderdale, he will tell you that car accident settlement can sometimes run into a million dollars in Florida. However, this is in case you have suffered severe injuries, which can lead to permanent disability. Therefore, when you are involved in a car accident, you must claim for loss of income that you have suffered along with the medical bills. Sometimes, the insurance company lawyers will try to convince you that the accident was caused due to negligence on your behalf. This is a tactic often used by attorneys to convince the victim to settle for a lower claim. In such a scenario, you will need an experienced lawyer who will negotiate on your behalf and ensure that your rights are upheld. Find out more today on how a lawyer can help you avoid higher costs of being involved in an accident.

  • If you are involved in a Lyft or Uber Accident

In the case of a Lyft or Uber Accident, you can claim the maximum coverage as the drivers’ negligence usually causes these accidents. For example, if the driver had been texting while driving, which led to the accident, then you are liable to get the maximum settlement. However, you will have to categorically prove that the driver was at fault and that was the reason for the accident. After that, he can guide you regarding the claims that you seek from the company. It has been known that if you can prove negligence, then the victim can claim up to one million dollars as a settlement.

  • If you are involved in a Motorcycle Accident 

When it comes to a vehicle accident, it is essential to prove fault to get the maximum coverage. This is especially true in the case of a motorcycle accident. For example, if your motorcycle got rear-ended, then undoubtedly it is the fault of the driver. Consider you were standing still and neither you nor your motorcycle suffered any significant damage despite the accident. In such as scenario, you will have to settle for lower claims and settle for the coverage of your medical bills. However, suppose the car driver was negligent, and the accident was a severe one, resulting in your motorcycle getting damaged and you suffering from severe injuries. In that case, you can ask for a more substantial settlement. It would be best if you contact a Personal Injury Attorney to evaluate your case. He can guide you regarding the settlement and the negotiations you need to carry out with the insurance company’s lawyers.

  • If you are involved in a Truck Accident

Amongst vehicular accidents, truck accidents can become quite severe as they can lead to permanent disability. To prevent such accidents, the movement of trucks is controlled by both State and Federal Laws. If the accident has been caused because the driver violated one of these laws, you can ask for the full claims. For example, if the driver was driving under the influence and it was not the first time he was found violating the law, it would be considered that there are multiple parties at fault. Then your case changes, and your attorney will advise you how much you can claim as coverage. Multiple parties will be considered at fault because the driver’s employer understood that he had been found DUI previously despite the fact he was allowed to operate a truck. Thus, trucking accidents can prove to be severe, and when you negotiate your claim, you should have an attorney representing you.

It would be best if you differentiated vehicular accidents from other accidents because the claims that you ask for change depending upon the nature of the accident. Even if the injuries are similar depending upon the cause of the accident, the claims that you can make will change. You will also have to prove that a third party was at fault categorically in case of a vehicle accident to get the full claims. Therefore, you should hire a lawyer to evaluate your case when you file for a vehicle accident claim. To conclude, Miami-based law firm Louis Law Group, as per this article, can help you with several types of vehicular accident claims.

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