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What are Vinyl Decking and its pros and cons?

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Before getting into any detail of vinyl decking, let’s first see what vinyl decking is and how it differs from traditional. Well! Decking is an outdoor space that extends the sitting area of your home and provides immense space for house/pool parties. Commonly when it comes to decking than the only option that comes to mind is wood. But now, the time has changed, and people are investing in more durable options such as vinyl. Vinyl decking in Calgary and other areas are getting popular daily as its ultimate benefits make it a good investment. Vinyl decking, also known as PVC, is now readily available.


1. Exceptional resistance to damage

Coming towards the best and foremost advantage of vinyl decking is its resistance to damage and molds. Most of the time, vinyl deck covering provides ultimate protection to the deck that bears the climate conditions and helps the deck to survive for a longer time.

Moreover, vinyl deck repair is easy and cheap, enhancing its value for money and increasing its life.

2. No splinter

But what is the typical difference that makes people think about vinyl decking? Well! We all have dangerous wood decking splinters that decrease their life cycle. At the same time, vinyl decking won’t splinter as it is made up of synthetic material, making it a safer option in the long run. 

3. No worrying about pests

The next most important benefit of vinyl decking is that it is an inorganic material, so there won’t be any problem with pests. That means vinyl decking is a safe and pocket-friendly option. However, many people love the look and feel of wood; its texture makes it different and attractive. So here comes the easy solution, deck builders in Calgary and other areas offer different types of vinyl that have not only colors or sizes but grainy texture as well that makes it look unique and attractive.

4. Versatility

Different sizes and colors allow you to customize your deck with whatever design and vinyl decking covering you like. It also helps the deck builders in Calgary and other areasprovide you with the best results. The most important part is that vinyl decks do not require regular maintenance, making them a good option. It only needs cleaning, which will help it to stay shiny and new.


With all the mentioned benefits and pros, vinyl decking has a few cons. First of all, and most importantly, the installation of a vinyl deck costs more than usual decking. It also needs a specially trained team and tools that one can’t find easily. Deck builders in Calgary charge extra for vinyl decking installation for obvious reasons. The next important point is that any shaving or piece of vinyl left after the installation must be removed immediately as the material is non-biodegradable. It will be there for a long time and could also hurt someone. There is another thing associated with vinyl decking; not every neighborhood allows it, so you have to check the restrictions of your area before going for this decking option.


Vinyl decking is no doubt a good option instead of wood as, in recent times. It tackles issues like the shortage of trees and the natural environment, which has made people understand that getting a wooden deck is not a good option, especially when you have a much better option, such as vinyl decking in Calgary or elsewhere. Investing in some good options is high time to help you get a good look and help the motherland breathe.

One more thing, deck builders in Calgary and other areas are now offering vinyl decking services, which makes the installation easier. Overall, vinyl decking is a good option for your place as it is also a pocket-friendly option in the long run and needs no maintenance. It is also recommended to check other available options according to your area and get the best thing for your place. If you’re planning to install a deck in an old house, consult a professional team to check the possibilities and the right place to install it. A complete analysis is mandatory if you want to have it near a pool.

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