What Causes Different Brightness of Led Displays?

The full-color LED display is high-precision electronic equipment. You need to consider many aspects when purchasing. But what factors should cause the different brightness of the full-color LED display? 

A good full-color LED display can be used normally in any harsh environment, and the brightness also has a good uniform, especially in large-scale stage applications. but sometimes we find that the brightness of LEDs is different. What is the reason for the inconsistent brightness of LED displays? Doitvision has summarized the below factors. 

Light-emitting components in LED display 

The light-emitting component of the LED display screen is the LED light-emitting tube. Inconsistency in brightness is inevitable during the production process. However, the countermeasure adopted by LED display manufacturers is to divide the products into different grades after production is completed. The smaller the brightness difference between two adjacent grades, the better the consistency, but it will cause low yield and high inventory. Therefore, Most of LED display manufacturers control the brightness difference between two adjacent levels to about 20%.

LED display driving components

LED display driving components are usually constant current driving chips. These chips include 16 constant current driving outputs. The current output value can be set with resistors. The error of each output of the same chip is controlled within 3%, and the error of different chips is controlled within 3%. The output error is controlled within 6%. It is normal for a 25% brightness difference between each pixel of an LED display. 

If the LEDs used are not full-color LED displays of the same grade and type, the brightness difference will rise to more than 40%. The inconsistent brightness of the full-color LED display is the fundamental cause of the blurry screen. It cannot be corrected with post-production calibration equipment and can only be achieved during the production and manufacturing process of the LED display manufacturer. Therefore, if you purchase an LED screen with inconsistent brightness, please contact your provider.

How to solve the issue of different colors of LED displays?

Change the current flowing through the LED. Generally, the continuous operating current allowed by the LED tube is about 20 mA. Except for the saturation phenomenon of the red LED, the brightness of other LEDs is basically proportional to the flowing current;

Utilize the visual inertia of the human eye and use the pulse width modulation method to achieve grayscale control – periodically changing the light pulse width (i.e., the duty cycle), as long as the repeated lighting cycle is short enough (i.e., the refresh frequency is high enough ), the human eye cannot feel the luminous pixels shaking. 

Since pulse width modulation is more suitable for digital control, when microcomputers are commonly used to provide and display content on LED displays, almost all LED displays now use pulse width modulation to control gray levels.

List of Best outdoor LED Displays

Doitvision’s Kite Series Outdoor LED display

Kite Series outdoor LED display is the latest high brightness, energy saving, high contrast ratio LED display launched by DOITVISION.  The price of outdoor LED display is very competitive among similar types, it is very suitable for medium-sized outdoor billboards or wall-mounted outdoor advertising even if in direct sunlight.


· Rich pixel pitch options: There are 6.4mm/8mm/10mm pitch available. 

· Integration design: the integration of the power and signal as one cable & connector.

· Screw-free module removal, and installation without cabinet frame available. 

· High brightness, high contrast and energy-saving

· Front and rear maintenance design

Doitvision’s Lite Series rental LED display

Versatile LED panels with 500/1000mm cabinets are specially designed for Indoor& outdoor large-size LED rental installation.


· Ultra lightweight die-casting

· Modular design, LED module/panel/power box

· Flexible Installation: the Lite series can be flexible curve, both concave & convex, for any pixel pitch.

· 360 circle shape installation

· 90-degree right angle

· Hanging & stacking installation


The above is a guide about why are the brightness of LED displays different. If you want to buy a full-color LED display, please remember to choose a manufacturer with sound.

Doitvision has been engaged in the LED display industry for more than 10 years and has rich technical and service experience. If you need a high-quality and cost-effective LED display, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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