What Gadgets To Look Out For In 2023

This year we have seen a whole host of technological advances, new technology and gadgets that have made life a little different. In fact, if you look back at technology over the past 10 years you’ll see that there have been numerous changes and advances. Many changes in technology we’re used to as part of our daily lives now and can’t imagine a time when we would have to be without them. Every year sees new technology and innovations changing the way we live and 2023 is set to be no exception. Whether you plan on using your brand new smartphone for taking amazing pictures, gaming, scrolling through social media, or even just playing at fast withdrawal casinos or you’re more interested in gadgets that you can use at home, you won’t be disappointed.  In fact, in terms of gadgets that we can expect to hit the shelves in 2023, there’s plenty to be excited about!

The Foldable iPhone

iPhone is a household name the world over and this is largely due to the investments they make in innovation and ensuring that its smartphone products always have the newest technology. People use smartphones for pretty much all parts of their day-to-day personal lives and for business so it makes sense that these gadgets live up to their expectations. In 2023 we’re likely to see 2 variations of the iPhone foldable design, which is likely to be a clamshell design with high-quality OLED screens. It is expected that the phones will continue with high-quality processors and support for accessories such as Apple Pencils but with a new foldable design which is bound to capture the attention of Apple fans.

Smartwatch for Facebook

Smartwatches are nothing new, but the one launched by Facebook has already proved popular. We’re likely to see the second generation of the Facebook smartwatch released next year and fans are already excited to see what the gadget will bring with it. Upgrades expected include integration with a number of apps, dual cameras and faster delivery of notifications compared to the first-generation version.

Apple HomePod

We’re becoming more used to smart gadgets around our homes being able to listen to our commands. Gone are the days when you need to write down a shopping list or put a reminder on the calendar, instead smart devices like Amazon Alexa can listen to your voice and carry out these commands for you. Next year we’re likely to see the launch of the new generation Apple HomePod, which will team up with Siri to listen to your commands. It’s likely to have a built-in camera for face time calls and be able to link up with Apple TV to help your gadgets work together seamlessly.

Google Pixel Watch

Another smartwatch that has fans excited is the Google Pixel Watch. In the world of smartphones, the Google Pixel is a worthy contender against Apple and Samsung so it makes sense that they also want to carve themselves out a space in the world of smartwatches. One thing that we are likely to see in the Google Pixel Watch is a more affordable price point than we have seen with previous smartwatches. However, that doesn’t mean it will lack in features as it is expected to have a decent battery life, alongside 32GB of storage.

Smart Glasses

Just when you thought that all the smart device ideas were done, we see smart glasses hit the market. It is thought that Apple will release their first smart glasses towards the end of 2023 and they’ll be something exciting. You’ll need an iPhone to use them, but they’re excited to be gesture controlled and have LiDAR rather than standard cameras – so definitely something for technology fans to look forward to.

Smart Printers

Although there isn’t always the need to print off documents these days, it can be a nightmare when you come across something that does need to be printed. Next year Fujifilm will release their Instax Mini Link 2 to help solve this problem. Marketed as a portable printer it is a small device that connects to your phone and allows you to print off photos. This might not be the document printer that you could need, but the quality of the printing and the ease of using the device makes it one of the must-have fun gadgets that will be available next year.

Fun Gadgets

We’re likely to see a range of fun gadgets released next year as we start to use technology in fun ways as well as for practical uses. Things like funky car phone holders and automatic pet feeders are likely to be top of the list for those that want to take advantage of really fun technology. Brands are constantly working on new ways to make use of technology and market products so without a doubt there will be a whole host of fun and exciting gadgets that we can take advantage of next year.

Advances in Technology

Of course, as you might expect we’ll also see releases of gadgets and smart devices that we don’t know anything about yet. We have seen some incredible advances in technology over recent years and 2023 is going to be no exception. One industry that we are likely to get more familiar with is the Artificial intelligence and Virtual Reality industry. This is already proving popular but as technology becomes more advanced and gadgets that can help with these become more accessible we’re likely to see them become more popular and more mainstream. It’s likely that we’ll start to make leaps towards this happening in 2023.

It is worth keeping in mind that technology industries are often one step ahead of us, which means that they’re also working on what gadgets they might be able to release in 2024 and beyond. Technology means that gadgets have to be thoroughly tested before they can be released to the public, so what’s in store for the next couple of years is anyone’s guess!

Christopher Stern

Christopher Stern is a Washington-based reporter. Chris spent many years covering tech policy as a business reporter for renowned publications. He has extensive experience covering Congress, the Federal Communications Commission, and the Federal Trade Commissions. He is a graduate of Middlebury College. Email:[email protected]

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