Busting Common Myths related to US Recruitment Process Outsourcing

The benefits of partnering with a RPO firm depend a lot on the strategic objectives of each organization. US Recruitment Process Outsourcing is more scalable for an organisation where hiring volumes are at peaks and troughs or they want a partner that is innovative in their recruitment approach in terms of technology, data, and analytics.

Ultimately, the true goal of the RPO industry in India is to support or build best-in-class and proactive recruitment partnerships in the long run. However, despite the advantages, there are some misconceptions about RPO, and we are here to bust them.

Myth 1: Robots will replace recruiters.

Whenever new advanced technology is launched or introduced in the recruitment industry, there are claims that it will replace employees, which could lead to massive unemployment. For example, when the application system first appeared, some speculated that it would eliminate administrative tasks. Basically, it just helped bring administration under a single roof. And now it’s AI and automation technology, which are making people a little nervous about their jobs and skill sets.

Myth 2: RPO staffing takes jobs away from in-house teams.

RPO companies are strategic partners that elevate the growth of corporate recruitment teams. They have the knowledge, experience, and scalability of a global database of candidates that complement hiring outcomes. They work together with in-house teams to get the best possible results. Rather than taking away jobs, they shift responsibilities and focus on other priorities.

In addition to that, RPO partners help internal teams secure executive buy-in because they share reliable data and success stories that internal teams don’t have. The goal of a partner in the US recruitment process outsourcing industry is to collaborate as a cohesive unit to achieve the best possible result.

Myth 3: Staffing Agencies

Another common myth about RPO firms is that they don’t have the same extensive reach as staffing agencies. Well, this is not the scenario! The proliferation of data and its exponential growth make almost everyone searchable and contactable. It’s now no longer about finding the right candidate; it is now all about finding the right candidate that fits into the client’s shoes.

Myth 4: The RPO partner dilutes the employer brand.

This is a common practise associated with RPO partners, but let us tell you that this is absolute rubbish. There are several benefits associated with RPO, and one of the most popular is the ability RPO partners have when it comes to enhancing employer branding. RPO firms design strategic solutions that help create well-rounded employment brands that make it easier to attract new candidates, retain current employees, improve the candidate experience, and increase hiring satisfaction.

RPO providers consult clients on how to increase the perception of their employer brand while monitoring their top competitors for benchmarking purposes. They then use the improvements to make the communication more effective. RPO can also leverage the power of relationships with vendors such as Glassdoor and Indeed to further support the client’s local development.

Final words

Recruitment is the process of finding people to fill the client’s requirements or current openings. An RPO company is a company that offers companies recruitment services primarily for a specific requirement, such as IT or any other. And it has several benefits associated with it, so choosing the right RPO partner is always fruitful for your business.

Moreover, if you choose the right RPO partner, you can be assured of a long-term partnership.


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