What is a Lace Closure Wig?

A lace closure wig is an amazing wig option that gives you a temple-to-temple installation of 4×4, 5×5, 6×6, or 7×7 inches laces. It means it has 4 or 5 inches from the front and 4 or 5 inches from the back and covers the temple area. Its thin lace has a U-shaped sew-in for a realistic look. This lace closure wig has a little section of hair that needs to be tied properly to look realistic.  The closure wig is a favorite wig for beginners because of its installation and affordability. 

Lace closure wig is winning the beauty industry because of its exceptional features. You can have lace closure wigs in 3 different styles which include the middle part, three-part, and free part styles. Middle-part closure wig is only able to make a single style while three-part closure enables you to part your hair in 3 different ways. The best closure is a free part because of its versatility in styling. Free part closure helps you to go for several styles without showing natural hair. It gives an illusion of a naturally grown hairline. Its breathable lace allows you to wear it in hot summers. 

The closure wig can be applied with or without glue. Lace closure wigs are available in different textures and types. Two types of closure wigs are adhesive and sew-in closure. The closure lace wig stayed in place if installed properly and never slide back due to sturdy application. 

Reasons to invest in lace closure wig:

Daily use:

A lace closure wig is the best option that you can use on regular basis. It can be installed pretty easily and requires no help from a stylist. Lace closure wig is a kind of human hair glueless wigs that you can install without adhesive. No doubt lace closure wig is the ultimate solution for office-going women.

Less maintenance:

A lace closure wig is easy to care for and maintain. Just follow the maintenance process and wash the wig after using it 10-15 times. Make sure you don’t throw the wig carelessly and store it properly to increase its lifespan of the wig.  

Styling options:

Free-part lace closure wig provides versatile styling options. It enables you to opt for middle or side parting styles to create soft and subtle looks. If you’re using an HD lace closure wig, it helps to create the desired style with a natural look. 


Last but not least, this budget-friendly wig is an ideal option to choose for newbies because of all the said reasons and high affordability. Anyone with a limited budget can get a hands-on lace closure wig and enjoy the luxurious hair look. 

Factors to consider:

Before buying the lace closure wig, take a sneak peek at factors that should be considered to make a wise purchase.


Size is the first and foremost thing to consider when you’re buying a lace closure wig. You must know the right measurements of your head to get the best-fitted wig. Otherwise, a loose or tight-fitted wig can ruin your whole look, and can be easily detected that you’re wearing a wig. The right size of wig completes your look and keeps you comfortable and confident.


Go for a lace closure wig that is made of premium quality material so it can stay durable. Lace material also matters so try to invest in an HD lace closure wig for seamless yet durable lace. If your lace closure wig is made of virgin human hair, it ensures the product’s longevity and durability.

Style and color:

Make sure you’ve got a natural-looking lace closure wig. The unnatural color of the wig looks absurd. Buy a wig that compliments your complexion and resembles your natural hair. Funky or unnatural colors of the wig can be detected easily and ruin your personality. Now style the wig in a way that it looks like your own natural hair, not an extra headpiece.

Buying guide:

Let’s have a look at the buying guide for a lace closure wig.

Human hair wig:

It’s always the first thing to remember when buying a wig. Buy a lace closure wig that is made of human hair. Virgin human hair-made closure wigs blend well in hair and can’t be detected. 

Melted lace wig:

Buy a Lace closure wig that comes with melted lace. For this, you can try an HD lace wig as its lace nicely blends in any tone and create a seamless look. 

Bleached knots and Pre-plucked hairline:

This thing should also be considered and its solution lies in buying an HD lace closure wig. Because HD lace wig has bleached knots and pre-plucked hairline that melts in the scalp like natural hair strands. The benefits of bleached knots are that it matches your skin tone and create a realistic hair look. It may charge a high price but ultimately this type of lace closure will beautify your look and boost confidence. 

Style options:

Let’s talk about some simple and stylish hairstyles that you can opt for by using a lace closure wig. 

While styling the lace closure wig, make sure you’ve installed a closure properly so it can stay in the specific style for a long time. Secure your natural hair in a way that they don’t show from the wig.

Wand curls:

Wand curls are flaunting style options that you can make by using a lace closure wig. For this type, you can use a flat iron or curling wand to turn the simple closure wig into curls and flaunt your look.

Bone straight hairdo:

Another amazing hairstyle to create is from a lace closure wig and the best option for working ladies who run short of time to get ready. Make this hairdo by using a flat iron or straightening iron and get a jet-straight lace closure wig in no time. It will give you a sleek, lustrous, and eye catchy look. 

Besides these hairdos, you can style your closure lace wig by making a top bun with open hair, make a pony, or style your closure by adding a funky hair accessory. It will make your lace closure wig chic and natural.

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