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What is an air bike? And what can it do to make me really fit?

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The Misery Machine: 4 Brutal Fan Bike Workouts

It may appear to be something from a Victorian fitness device, however, an air bicycle (or fan bike for certain) is among the most efficient methods of completely crushing the heart, creating sweat and burning calories in the fastest and most efficient way that you can.

Sometimes , it is referred in the form of the “Misery Machine” by those who have been a victim of its power to punish An Air Bike is made up of pedals which are connected to a huge front fan which is powered by grab handles that are long. Consider it the sweaty child of the classic bicycle and an elliptical. It’s an apparatus that simultaneously exercises the lower and upper parts of your body, which requires your lungs and heart to be working twice as hard for you to maintain your fitness level.

The Air Bike is adored by American Footballers who frequently utilize them to warm up on the field as well as cage-fighters and CrossFit kinds The Air Bike has seen a rise in popularity, attracting a huge segment of the fitness community since they can be used in conjunction with the hottest High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and Tabata-style exercises, which are short recovery periods that are quickly then followed by intense bouts exercise.

A unique mix of upper and lower body workout , and the reality that an Air Bike’s fans naturally increase resistance as the user adds inputs (it basically gives endless resistance levels) makes it possible to raise the heart rate without much more than an old-fashioned effort. Ideal for those with only just ten or fifteen minutes to workout.


As opposed to a conventional exercise bike, elliptical , step machine or treadmill and the Best Air Bike isn’t really designed for long, arduous cardio sessions in which a couple of episodes of your favorite Netflix show can be watched on an impressive multimedia display. It’s essential to get to know the Air Bike to get the most enjoyment from it.

If you search the web, you’ll see them being often referred to as the “Devil’s Tricycle’ or it’s even called the “Misery Machine”, due to its ability to make users squeal in their breath after a hard exercise. Of course, it’s possible to slowly rotate your legs during the time of Friends however, the users will soon become bored and may be irritated by the unusual cycle experience.

For those who are who are serious about fitness should consider the Air Bike as the ultimate exercise machine that can provide an exercise where you may start by warming up for approximately five minutes before going to hard on your bike for between 10 and 20 minutes before wrapping it up with a good cool down. We’ve provided some HIIT and Tabata workouts below.


If you’re in the market for intense, but brief exercise and short workouts, it is the Air Bike is definitely the gadget that you need. Although it’s feasible to stay in a moderate fat burning zone (around 70% or more of maximum cardiac rate) for prolonged times however, the Air Bike is designed to cause the heart rate up and to push your cardiovascular system to anaerobic and aerobic states, i.e when you’re struggling to breathe and conditioning your lungs and heart to to work harder and farther the next time you exercise.

This Air Bike is also fantastic as a warming machine which incorporates all of the major muscle groups , and increasing blood flow to the areas that need it. Take a ride onto the Air Bike for 5 minutes prior to an intense strength training session and you’ll be able to get your glutes, back, shoulders and hamstrings working.

In the same way, similarly, the Air Bike is also a excellent tool for rehabilitation because it doesn’t cause the same force on vulnerable joints, like the ankles and knees as running , or other explosive types of exercise.

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