What Is the Cost of an EB-5 Visa?

An EB 5 visa is an excellent option for entrepreneurs and investors to help them get a green card by investing in a US business. Having this visa enables you and your dependents to eventually become US permanent residents. Those who want to obtain EB 5 visas must follow the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) requirements and pay the necessary fees. Here is more information to help you understand the cost of an EB 5:

What Is an EB 5 Investment?

An immigrant investor must invest in an EB 5 project to become a permanent US resident. The minimum investment amount of an EB 5 visa is $800,000 in a Targeted Employment Area (TEA) or $1.05 million US dollars in a commercial enterprise.

Investors need to identify a US business and invest the required amount. You can establish a new business or purchase an existing one worth the value of the necessary investment. Your investment could be in cash equivalents, tangible property, equipment, or inventory.

Investors should also maintain or generate ten full-time jobs for permanent residents in the US. Depending on your investment, you, your spouse, and unmarried children below 21 may be able to eventually obtain permanent residency.

A reputable immigration investment firm can guide you to maneuver the cost of the EB 5 visa. They are experts who will help you obtain citizenship through investment.

Types of EB 5 Visa Costs

Other than the initial investment cost, there are additional add-on costs to the EB 5 because of the different services offered. They include:

Administrative Fees Paid to the Regional Centers

Investors must either make a direct investment or invest in a regional center to qualify for the EB5 visa.

A regional center is a firm that creates more significant development projects like resorts. The  USCIS nominates regional centers to accumulate money for EB 5 investment from investors. If you invest through regional centers, you’ll have voting rights and similar rights as a limited member. You’ll have minimal roles in operations and management.

The managing directors are responsible for business operations, EB 5 job creation, and other management duties. Administrative fees can vary from project to project.

I-526 Petition Filing Fee

Applicants must file for the Immigrant Petition by Alien Entrepreneur, also known as the I-526. It shows they are finalizing the investment process in an appropriate EB 5 project or have already invested the needed amount.

An immigration attorney may file the I-526 petitions for you. The processing fee is approximately $3,675 and covers you and your dependents. After 29-50 months, you will get a notification showing your filing status.

EB 5 Business Plan

If you opt for a direct investment, you can either purchase an existing business, start a new business, or invest in an existing company that isn’t a regional center. Individuals who prefer direct investments must present an EB 5-compliant form plus the I-526 form.

The business plan needs to be prepared by a firm with vast experience in EB 5 and immigration business plans. The cost of an EB 5 business plan is approximately $3,500. For those who invest in regional centers, the centers provide them with vital project documents and business plans.

I-829 Filing Fee

Filing the I-829 petition is the last step toward getting permanent resident status in the US. The petition is proof that you have met USCIS requirements successfully. Once the petition is approved, the conditional residency gets replaced into a permanent residency for you, your spouse, and children below 21 who are not married.

An immigration attorney can file the petitions for you. The filing fee is approximately $3,750. The processing time can take 24.5-45 months. You will be requested to go for an interview with the USCIS after approval of the application.

Hire an Immigration Investment Firm to Help With Your EB 5 Visas

An EB 5 is a great way to get a green card if you wish to be a permanent resident in the US. The process is a little complex because it involves a lot of paperwork and expenses.

An immigration investment firm will offer thorough consultation and inform you about the costs associated with EB 5 visas. They will help you with the preparation and application process to obtain citizenship or residency. Working with a reliable firm may save you time and allow you to invest in US economic growth.

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