What is the Difference Between Credit Freeze & Credit Lock?

In today’s rapidly changing world, technology and digitalisation have transformed how we live compared to half a century ago. These changes have brought many positive aspects, promoting personal and economic growth. You can make transactions within seconds and have several other facilities. 

However, you should stay cautious as fraudsters can easily exploit your data for unauthorised credit purchases or loans, resulting in substantial debts. Especially in this modern era, you might have several traps like free CIBIL score checks from unauthorised sites and other fraudulent activities to steal your financial data. Securing your financial information is a top priority. You must rely on a valid CIBIL score app!

Credit lock and credit freeze are two primary security measures to thwart these fraudsters from tampering with your credit reports. Though often confused, they’re essential for protecting your credit. This discussion will clarify the differences to help you decide on your financial security.

Credit Freeze and Credit Lock: Brief Definition

There are several chances of stealing your card’s information. That might happen when performing a free CIBIL score check on unreliable platforms instead of a trusty CIBIL score app. So, these two terms are coined out to protect your financial information. 

  • Credit Lock

It’s a convenient way to swiftly secure your credit information with a major credit bureau when your financial data is at risk or as a precautionary step.

  • Credit Freeze

A credit freeze provides strong protection by preventing companies from checking your credit reports, which is necessary for opening loans or credit cards in your name. However, setting up a credit freeze involves more steps and typically takes about 24 hours to put in place or remove.

Difference Between Credit Lock and Credit Freeze

Here are the differences between a credit lock and a credit freeze. 

  • Accessibility:

You usually do a credit freeze after discovering your info might be in the wrong hands. It’s like a defence move you make when you’ve heard about a security breach or think there’s a chance someone might mess with your financial stuff. This freeze locks your credit report, making it tough for anyone who shouldn’t be messing with your money to open new credit accounts or take out loans using your name.

Now, a credit lock is more like being proactive. It’s a preventive measure to lock your credit card before itself. It’s like a shield that makes it hard for anyone, even you, to open new credit accounts. They can’t do it unless you first unlock your credit.

  • Fees charged:

A credit freeze typically comes at no cost, so you can implement this safeguard without incurring any fees. At the same time, credit lock is a premium service. Therefore, it is often associated with reasonable fees. Also, since it’s an added layer of protection, you’ll typically need to pay for this. 

  • Duration

A credit freeze typically takes around 24 hours to become effective after your request reaches the credit bureau. If you decide to lift the freeze, you’ll need a Personal Identification Number (PIN) to ensure the process is secure.

In contrast, the credit lock system offers the advantage of immediate activation and deactivation. You can swiftly lock or unlock your credit through a smartphone app or website, providing a convenient and efficient way to manage your credit protection.

  • Applicability:

Regarding applicability, there’s a difference between the two methods. Applying for a credit freeze can be more complex, requiring additional documentation and effort. On the other hand, the credit lock system is known for its user-friendly application process, for example, a free CIBIL score check process, making it an accessible option for those seeking a straightforward way to protect their credit.


In conclusion, features like credit freeze and credit lock are here to make your financial journey a smooth and hassle-free experience. Use a CIBIL score app or platform that is reliable. Some free CIBIL score check platforms do not take legitimate steps to protect your data. This article is here to help you understand credit freeze and credit lock so you can protect your financial info and make informed choices. Also, knowing the difference between these two terms will help you choose the specified solution to address your concern. 


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