7 Signs Your Mac Needs Logic Board Repair

Every laptop contains a circuit board known as a motherboard. It consists of all the electrical components required to run the computer operations. However, in a Mac, it is called a logic board. It controls all the functions of the Mac, allowing you to carry out your daily and official tasks. 

A damaged logic board can be detected through miscommunication in your Mac. The issue should be addressed immediately, as negligence could lead to further issues and affect various other components. 

What Damages the Logic Board?

Multiple factors add together to damage the logic board of your Mac. Have a look at the following reasons that are the most common causes of damaged logic boards. Make sure you are avoiding them in the future. 

  1. Wear and Tear

The most common reason is that your Mac is reaching the end of its life. The only solution to this problem is to get a new laptop. However, if you are running short on the budget, check for laptop trade in Canada. The program will exchange your current, old, and rusty laptop for a new or slightly used laptop. 

  1. Dust and Debris

Dust clumps, hair follicles, and other kinds of debris can also damage your Mac’s logic board. The logic board contains movable components, and the dust and debris act as a hindrance, causing damage to the Mac’s logic board. 

  1. Spilled Liquid

If you have spilled any beverage or any liquid, for instance, over your Mac, it can also lead to logic board damage. 

  1. Physical Damage

Any sort of physical damage to your Mac can also result in a damaged logic board. 

Signs Indicating You Need Logic Board Repair

Let’s look at the signs indicating a faulty logic board without further ado. These signs will help you determine that you are facing logic board issues requiring urgent attention. 

Your Mac Crashes Frequently

Frequent Mac crashes are a major indication that the logic board of your Mac is not working properly. Oftentimes, the issue is physical. However, it could be a software issue. 

If you notice that your Mac shuts down while running properly, it is because the logic board is facing trouble. It also includes when the Mac freezes and then shuts down on its own. 

No need to worry; you can get Mac repairs in Toronto at a very affordable price. The professionals will look into your issue and resolve it quickly. 

Battery Issues – Battery Not Charging

Frequent battery issues, including the battery not charging, are an alarming indicator that the logic board of your Mac is damaged and requires repair. 

When the Mac is connected to an electric source and the battery is still not charging, it clearly indicates logic board failure. It is because the charging port is connected to the logic board, regardless of the type of charging it supports: type-c or has a dedicated charging port. 

One way to check if you need a MacBook battery replacement or require logic board repairs is to check the electric outlet for weak and low voltage output. Also, check the battery health and reduce the number of running tasks. If everything seems okay related to the charging and the outlet, yet still your MacBook is not charging, then you are in need of MacBook repairs. 

Check the battery health of your MacBook:

  • Open system settings
  • Scroll down to the bottom. On the left pane, you will see the option “Battery”
  • Click on the icon and then check the battery health on the battery health icon.
  • Click on info (i) for further information

Mac is Not Starting

Often times when you notice that your Mac is not booting, it’s because of logic board failure. However, there could be other reasons behind your MacBook not starting up. 

To further confirm it, ensure that your battery is fully charged. You can also try starting it again before deciding it is a logic board failure. 

No Audio

If your MacBook is not producing any sounds, it is a clear indication of logic board failure because the audio component is soldered on the motherboard. Hence, any failure in the logic board would directly affect the audio output. 

Even if you connect external audio devices, you will still face issues. The audio jack port will not recognize the speakers or headphones. If your logic board needs repair, you will also not be able to connect any audio devices via Bluetooth. The only solution to this problem is to repair your logic board as soon as possible. 

Display Issues

The graphic process is another component directly connected to the logic board. If you notice green lines or a flickering screen, it might be because of a faulty logic board. Even if the MacBook starts up and you can hear the noise of the fan, and there is no sign of a backlight, it is still a sign that you need logic board repairs. 

A faulty or damaged logic board can also cause gray screens, distorted graphics, colored lines, and also affect brightness. You may also notice the issue on your extended displays, like a monitor or a projector. 

USB Ports Not Working

Be cautious; USB ports not working also indicate logic board failure. This is because all the ports are connected to the logic board. All the external devices connect to your Mac via these ports, and an issue with the logic board directs shaky USB ports. 

Failed Diagnostics Test

We know that macOS regularly runs diagnostic tests to ensure all the systems and functions are working. However, it’s a red sign if the diagnostic test results in an error code or fails completely. This indicates a fault in the logic board. 

Just to be sure, you can also run multiple specific diagnostic tests on the components separately, like RAM, GPU, and CPU. 

Wrapping Up

Logic board is one of the most important parts of a Mac. It’s important to detect the issue promptly and repair it as soon as possible. Any negligence may increase the damage or cause failure of other features or components. 

The above signs may indicate other issues rather than a logic board failure. Hence, the confusion makes it necessary to consult a professional logic board repair servicemen. It’s important to note that your Mac is not beyond repair; it only needs a consultation session with a professional. 


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