What’s So Good About The iPhone 12 Camera

The iPhone 12 camera is made for people who like to use their mobile phones for photography. If you’re looking for a mobile phone with an excellent camera then the iPhone 12 should be on top of your list. Read on to learn more about iPhone 12’s camera.

The main camera on the iPhone 12 is a wide angle camera. It has a slightly bigger aperture, which means that it can take in more light than its predecessors. But if you really want something big then you should go with the Max version. Apple didn’t add megapixels to the iPhone 12. What it did was to pack in larger photo-sites instead. This makes the iPhone 12 camera better for taking pictures in low light. According to Apple, there’s an 87% improvement in light collection. And it seems that they’re not lying. So this is definitely a good choice if you like taking pictures at night.

The iPhone 12 also produces more natural-looking photos. Older iPhones tend to change the photos because of its smart noise reduction feature. It’s a feature that can make you look beautiful but it tends to produce photos that are so far from reality. The iPhone 12, on the other hand, is able to retain details in the skin and hair. Not everyone is a fan of the automatic beautifying features in modern mobile phone cameras. This is a common feature in older iPhones and newer Android phones. Apple is aware that not everyone is fond of this feature so they removed it. This is a good move for Apple and will surely attract more photography enthusiasts.

Like other mobile phones, the iPhone 12 also does a lot of processing of its photos. But it doesn’t alter photos dramatically unlike other phones. In short, this phone allows users to take bad photos. Again, this is a feature that those who are into photography will surely like. But it still has a tendency to make skies look overly blue. So even when you shoot a gray sky It’ll appear blue in the final photo. Still, the editing is not as aggressive as on many Android phones. Some Android phones can take photo editing on a crazy level. Some can even give you a fake moon.

If you’re getting the Pro version then you’re going to get an extra sensor called the LIDAR sensor. It’s a revolutionary technology and some photographers are actually losing their minds because of it. They are calling it a miracle. It speeds up the autofocus feature of the camera. And it allows you to take excellent portraits. But even without the LIDAR sensor, the iPhone 12 camera already takes great portrait shots. It may not still be as good as a real camera but it’s definitely better than other camera phones.

The iPhone 12 camera is excellent. It may not be a replacement to a real camera but it certainly is the best mobile phone camera available. Clearly the iPhone 12 is made with photography enthusiasts in mind.

Christopher Stern

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