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What Is The Release Date Of Season 2 Of The Invisible City On Netflix?

Invisible City is available on Netflix! If you want to know when season 2 will be released, read on! Do mythological creatures exist in the real world? The Invisible City on Netflix will make you think a lot about this question and if you have seen the first season. You are most likely looking forward to season two.

In Carlos Saldanha’s first series, an environmental police officer discovers a hidden world of mythological entities from Brazilian folklore when he finds a connection between the mysterious appearance of a dead river dolphin on a beach in Rio de Janeiro and the death of the beloved wife of the. The series ends with a big cliffhanger and here’s everything we know about the announcement of the second season of The Invisible City on Netflix!

What Is The Release Date Of Season 2 Of The Invisible City On Netflix?

The first season premiered on Netflix on Friday, February 5, 2021. It consists of 7 episodes of about 40 minutes each. Given the end of the first season, we are hopeful that the second season of The Invisible City will premiere on Netflix. At the moment the renewal has not been announced. Releases typically take several weeks to see the light of day. As for the release date for season 2 of The Invisible City, we think it should be mid-2022.

What Can We Expect Now?

The end of the first season shows how Eric has a vision in which Luna receives the power of the monster. When Gabi comes to see Luna, she kisses him and sucks her soul out of him. That’s when Gabi freezes. The haunting vision of Gabi’s death prompts Eric to commit suicide. He then is in the water with Gabi, but Gabi tells him that it is not her time. Finally, the devil takes Eric, and Camila and Ines follow him.

If season 2 of The Invisible City ever comes out on Netflix. It will be interesting to see what happens to a cursed Eric, who is not dead. The Curupira story could also gain interest, with perhaps new creatures hooking audiences into another season of exploration. As for the casting, the normal thing is that we review the entire cast of the second season of The Invisible City.

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