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What makes Kingdom Valley Islamabad Farmhouse a perfect home for you?

In twin cities, the property market has peaked. Kingdom Valley is one of the most prevalent residential areas in the twin cities. This construction venture is distinctive since it has connected to the NPHS, a programme offering affordable housing solutions to address the housing deficit. Additionally, the Kingdom Valley Farmhouse has been made available by the builders of Kingdom Valley Islamabad. This development’s exquisite location sets it apart from other major programs.

Additionally, the developers have taken the utmost care to meet every requirement. The Society budget plan is a fascinating aspect of this housing development. The characteristics of these extraordinary Kingdom Valley Islamabad farmhouses that make them ideal for perfect homes will have covered in more detail in this blog.

Renowned Owners

These magnificent farmhouses have built by Ghulam Hussain Shahid. Moreover, he is a well-known personality in the real estate sector. The firms have built these farmhouses with a high level of detail.   Their group is now focusing on this residential complex. 

Furthermore, the creator of this beautiful Society has a reputation for producing well-executed products. The developers’ goal in doing this project is to make living conditions better for people and change their home designs following global norms.

Legitimates Farms

The appropriate authorities have approved the NOC for these farmhouses because it falls under NPHS. The firm’s “DRG/PHATA/2176-2021” official registration number. The builders have ensured they provide the finest facilities in this lawful area. Investors feel at ease investing, knowing they won’t face any legal ramifications.

Ideal Location

 The farmhouse block of kingdom Valley is situated close to the Chakri crossroads. The property is one of the highest expensive construction elements because of how readily available it is and how fiercely competitive it is as a result.

Effortlessly passing by the other blocks, it has reached. According to the development’s master plan, it is easily accessible from various locations, making it simple for buyers to satisfy commuting-related needs. Additionally, there are no special requirements that the management must meet to buy a house in this Block. 

However, after Society fully develops, it will have included among the many gems of progress. Whether dazzling freshwater that consumers may take advantage of lush meadows that look out over the property’s horizon. Luxury buyers frequently emphasize locating a farmhouse with a sizable quantity of neighbouring rural land while looking for one because they think it is the most desirable of such property.

Diverse Sizes

Although the farmhouses are in a natural style inside, this doesn’t mean that customers must give up the essential personal amenities. On the other hand, a design that conjures up a relaxed way of life where you can unwind and enjoy high-end conveniences like a great recreation area or cutting-edge amenities is probably the ideal compromise. 

Inhabitants of big cities and other highly crowded places have been relocating to the farm, where living is easier and much easier, as the rate of recorded cases has increased. They have changed their minds about city life and are anxious to return close to the natural setting. Additionally, the  Contemporary kingdom Valley farmhouses are of different design

  • 2-Kanal
  • 4-Kanal
  • 8-Kanal

Affordable Luxurious Place

The first benefit of purchasing a farm is the chance to utilize the land however the purchaser pleases, whether through a swimming facility or whatever they want. Furthermore, the two, four, or eight Kanal of the kingdom Valley farmhouse gives consumers a wide range of options, ensuring they never run out of options. In this scenario, one can conclude that farmhouses are perfect for achieving their objectives. 

  • The Two-Kanal farmhouse costs Rs 4,000,000/-. The deposit costs Rs 400,000/-
  • The Four-Kanal farmhouse costs Rs 7,500,000/-. The deposit costs Rs 750,000/-
  • The Eight-Kanal farmhouse costs Rs 13,000,000/-. The deposit costs Rs 1,300,000/-

Serene Environment

The most significant benefit of owning a farm is being able to go on vacation anytime buyers want. There is no requirement to organize a vacation, reserve lodging, etc. Instead, nothing compares to leisure time at their own country house.  

The economic advantage of buying a lovely farmhouse will be evident if buyers want to retire and wish to unwind in a peaceful environment. Because most farms have located in rural areas, they are ideal for families. Dwellings are also fantastic for retirees who wish to invest in a serene environment.

 Feature Of Kingdom Valley Islamabad Farmhouse

These farmhouses give the ideal vicinity and affordable prices and provide many features. Some prevalent features are

  • Gated neighbourhood with the necessary security measures
  • The presence of lush greenery facilitates a beautiful natural setting.
  • Several smaller Mosques and a large Jamia masjid are in the Block.
  • Club for health and well-being
  • Within the confines of Society, healthcare facilities offer top-notch medical care.
  • Academic establishments 
  • Families can relax in playgrounds, gardening, and other public areas.
  • Spacious streets and roads with carpet
  • A clean and fresh atmosphere
  • Appropriate drainage system
  • Provision of all rudimentary services, including gas, fresh water, and power


Finally, farmhouses can fulfil clients’ needs for a natural living environment. In Pakistan, several housing developments have built a wide variety of farms. As a result, when purchasers want to purchase a farmhouse, they need to ensure the Society they are buying into is legitimate and allowed. Additionally, we frequently advise our consumers to make an effort to purchase lovely Kingdom Valley farmhouses.

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