What Services Does Magic Logix Offer In Addition To Development

Do you want to convert your traditional business to an online business? The first thing that comes to your mind is an eCommerce store. Who will help me to build a competent and proper eCommerce store with all the necessary detailed needs? I am here to give answers to all your questions in detail and satisfy you to the maximum.  

Magic Logix

Magic Logix is one of the most notable Ecommerce Development companies that helps you to build a proper eCommerce store. They provide all the necessary services that are a need by any eCommerce business. From comprehensive audit and adequate research to logistic and inventory management, they provide all the services and take care of your business store even after development through their support and maintenance system. 

Development Services 

Magic Logix is the best Web Development Agency, and some of its development services are:

  1. They go through a detailed audit and research work of your business to know it well before your store development. 
  2. They have an expert that provides consultation about your business and takes care of your overall eCommerce performance.
  3. As discussed earlier, you can get their experts’ support after development and maintenance services as well.
  4. Business app development is also a basic need of today. And they also provide app development services.  

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Extra Services 

Some extra services are as follows;

Designing Services

You can also get expert designing services because they have expert Ux/Ui designers that help to make a design that suits your business very well and is according to your needs. Just give them your idea about design and wait for the result.


The agency offers keyword research and site content optimization for more outstanding sales and higher traffic, which is called the SEO process.

Social Media Marketing 

Social media marketing is a stable and consistent connection with customers from all social networks. Also, an eCommerce website needs some marketing strategy, and a good development company also acts as Digital Marketing Agency and offers this service. 

Facebook and Google Ads

A company needs the assistance of some experts to convert the traffic to the website with the help of a proper social ads campaign, and a good agency provides this service. 

Appropriate analytics 

This is a process in which a company discovers and expresses how data management relates to an online business. Good development companies are experts in it.

Payment solution integration 

This is a process in which a retailer or supplier gets payment from customers on Mobile apps and their websites. A development agency also integrates payment solutions in websites and apps. 

Warehouse and inventory management 

An excellent digital agency provides warehouse and inventory management, a whole process involved in running an e-commerce warehouse, including its employees. 

As you get proper marketing in their company, they are also a Digital Marketing Agency that helps grow your business at a massive level with a potential targeted audience. 


Magic Logix is my personal choice as a development company. So, now I recommend it to you because of its exceptional extra services, especially Crypto Marketing, which is an ultimate need in this era.

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