What You Should Know About Parasailing in Destin, Florida

People travel to Destin, Florida to partake of the sun and sand. They love the white sand and jade waters. When they tire of playing on the beach, they can enjoy a pirate or dolphin cruise, try one of the many restaurants in the area, or check out HarborWalk Village. With so much to see and do in the area, visitors and residents never get bored. One activity people should try in Destin is parasailing. What should you know before attempting this activity? 

Why Parasailing?

Individuals may ask why they should try parasailing in Destin ( When taking part in this activity, you lift into the sky where you feel the wind blow through your hair. The views of the ocean and surrounding area are unlike any found on land. People who parasail say it gives them a new perspective of the world around them. 

Departure Options

A person who has never been parasailing before may wonder how they get up into the sky. Some places offer parasailing from a beach, while others make use of a platform for takeoff. The third method involves parasailing from a ship’s platform, which is referred to as the winch boat method. Regardless of which option the provider uses, all departures result in the same experience. 


Anyone wishing to parasail must use a reputable provider. The equipment used in this activity needs to be of the highest quality for safety reasons. The harness must properly fit each participant and the tow rope needs to be in excellent shape. Harnesses and other safety equipment used in parasailing come with weight limits, as well. Ensure the harness is right for the weight of the rider. A reputable company handles these tasks on behalf of participants. 


Choose a company that provides instruction before taking you out on the water. The instructor should provide safety tips before allowing you to parasail and ensure all equipment fits properly for each participant. Ask questions and share any concerns with the instructor. They want you to feel safe while parasailing and will provide the information you need to ensure that you feel comfortable and enjoy the trip. 


The best time to parasail is when the skies are sunny and blue. When it is windy out, the waves get choppy. This can cause a bumpy ride that participants don’t enjoy. Choose a day when the sun is out and the wind is calm for the best experience. 


Wear swimsuit or clothes that can get wet. The trip may end with a dip in the water, so prepare by wearing the right clothing. If wearing a swimsuit, choose one that fits properly to avoid a wardrobe malfunction. When wearing street clothing, choose items that won’t be see-through when wet. 

Consider parasailing the next time you are in Destin. Individuals who love to try something new will find they fully enjoy this activity. For those who aren’t sure, it is a trip they will never forget. It’s something every person should experience at least once in their lifetime. 

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